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The first social network dedicated to photos, stories and machinima created by virtual worlds citizens

Milan, Italy. September, 2007. After four months of public beta, Koinup srl is pleased to announce the launch of Koinup (http://www.koinup.com), the first social network entirely dedicated to your virtual life.

Koinup (http://www.koinup.com) is a social network for all residents of all virtual worlds. In Koinup you can create your profile and publish pics, videos (machinima) and stories that you created in virtual worlds as Second Life, World of Warcraft, IMVU and also games as The Sims 2 and many others. In Koinup you can meet people from yours and other virtual worlds and you can express yourself in the way you love.

Koinup is a unique websites for creations made in virtual worlds. Each member of Koinup can benefits of almost unlimited storage space (for free) and publish tons of photos and machinima. In Koinup you can share your virtual life and experiences and express yourself by publishing all kind of artworks.

Virtual worlds, mmorpg and metaverses are the new frontiers of internet entertainment and creativity. Each day milions of people spend their time in virtual environments and use these innovative spaces to express themselves and to create art, photos and videos. Metaverses as Second Life and World of Warcraft are reaching the 10 milions of registered users and many other games features more than one milion of active users. The great part of this audience is made up by creative members that use virtual environments to express themselves. Some major virtual worlds are entirely created by their residents, some others provide their members useful tools that encourage the creations of photos, videos (machinima) and other kind of virtual manufacts.

Koinup is a suitable place for all these creative virtual users. Here are some example of machinima, pictures and stories uploaded in Koinup by its users:
Machinima: http://www.koinup.com/works/on-videos/coolest/
Pictures: http://www.koinup.com/works/on-pictures/coolest/
Stories: http://www.koinup.com/works/on-storyboard/coolest/

Koinup srl is a web company based in Brescia (Italy).

Koinup founders are Pierluigi Casolari (CEO) and Edoardo Turelli (CTO)

For press contacts:
Pierluigi Casolari


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