Community Guidelines

These guidelines must be read along with Terms of Use. If you are a Koinup member, please take these rules seriously and take them to heart. These tips will help you to be a valued Koinup member. Some of these rules are about your content submissions (works), others are about your behavior here at Koinup.

The following are 10 important principles for any Koinup user:

  • Koinup is a website dedicated to your virtual life and experiences you have with games and virtual worlds as Second Life, World of Warcraft, IMVU, The Sims and all others virtual places you use.
    So we ask our members to upload only contents related to these places. That is: in game and in world screenshots, videos and machinima shooted inside virtual enviroments, mixed reality that blend virtual contents with real ones, virtual stuffs and outfits, graphics, images and banners related to your virtual life or products, reports and stories on your virtual experiences and life, portraits of your avatar, etc.
  • Koinup allows its members to enjoy the website as they prefer. So you are allowed to make your works private. But please bear in mind that Koinup is mainly a platform to share works and get feedback from others. So we strongly recommend that you make your works public and participate in the lively Koinup social life.
  • Do not upload pornographic, violent, offensive or shocking works. Be respectful when commenting on others’ works and making personal messages. Please respect others’ opinions and works. Respect other people’s religious beliefs and other ethnic cultures.
  • We are not a hardcore website, so we allow only certain and moderate kinds of adult content. We are not an offensive site, so please don't post videos or other content showing dangerous or illegal acts, such as animal abuse, drug abuse, or bomb-making.
    Regarding sexual and erotic images, following are some specific guidelines, we ask our members to follow:
    1. Explicit / Pornographic Sexual Scenes are forbidden
    2. Explicit nudity is not allowed
    3. Moderate/Mild nudes, mostly if based on artistic goals, is allowed
    4. Images or Videos that feature these kind of contents are promtly removed by the staff
    4. Contents with moderate nudity that are reported as inappropriate by the community are promtly reviewed by the staff and if they don't meet the guidelines they will be immediately removed, without the obligation to inform the author.
  • Respect copyright. Upload only works that you have made yourself or that you have obtained the rights to use. This means: don't upload works you didn't make yourself, and don't use content in your works when someone else owns the copyright, such as music tracks, snippets of copyrighted programs, or videos made by other users, without their permission.
    Before using our website read our Copyright Notice and Terms of Use.
  • If your work draws inspiration from someone else’s ideas or concepts or if you created your work borrowing ideas and parts from other artists and creators, please include this in the credit. Don't forget to mention mods, software, skins, tracks, sounds, etc. that you have used in your works. We have created a specific feature that allows such indications. In fact, while uploading your work, you have the chance to fill in details in the credit folder and specify artists or software that have made your work possible. If at all possible, please include the website address and all other indications needed to contact people and authors mentioned in the credits.
  • If you find works that you believe infringe our terms of use or are otherwise illegal, please flag them to us. We will review them and we will check if they are inappropriate or not. If they are genuinely inappropriate, we will reward you by increasing your ranking as a member in Koinup. We strongly request you to help us to keep Koinup clean and lawful.
  • We do not tolerate plagiarism, in other words the "theft of other people’s work". Don't use works created by other members without their previous authorization. Please respect other people’s property!
  • Don’t use inappropriate tags. We call this "tag fraud". If we see inappropriate tags, we'll delete them without delay. Remember that tags can increase the visibility of your work, but only if they are appropriate and relevant. So there is no point in adding fake tags to your work. Tags are labels that add information to a work. Use them only for this purpose.
  • Be respectful when you add social tags to works created by other members. Don't add offensive and inappropriate tags. Respect other people's opinions and ideas. Please add social tags only if they are appropriate to increase the awareness of a work. Don't use tags to insult or offend others. Remember that social tags don't affect a work's ranking.

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