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Giant Snail Racing for a cure, RFL 2010 Pass the oil Alterac Valley runby
Motocross Racing Codpiece Script loads and my avatars

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R.I.P. La condition humaine (homage to Magritte) Garden of NPIRL Delights 014

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 great work

View jessicawarnerr's home jessicawarnerr | 4 month(s) ago

 Good Job!!!!   SRS

View declancarr's home declancarr | 5 month(s) ago


View gohanishi21's home gohanishi21 | 4 year(s) ago

I moderate a group called Untainted Lens, and we'd love to have you in the group!

View Senjata's home Senjata | 9 year(s) ago

 i had put you as a surfing aroung group moderator

View Kleinfeld's home Kleinfeld | 11 year(s) ago

Community Project and some Editorial Notes

Virtual Mashup!

Socks launched this cool project. Basically, the idea is to intigrate the virtual world with the digital/real one! Following are the steps to be in :

1) Take a photos of your avatar (whatever virtual world or games you inhabit) (Second Life, Warcraft, The Sims, IMVU, Lively are ok)

2) Incorporated the image of your avatar in a real life background related to your life (your hourse, your friends, your girlfriend)

3) Mix the real life with the digital/virtual ones with photoshop or other tool and upload on Koinup

4) Add the tag: VR2RL

5) More info? Contact Socks!

Virtual Mashup is open to each virtual world and games!

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View pier's home pier | 11 year(s) ago

I had this fun idea for a meme type challenge.  For the moment, I'm calling it "SL2RL", but it's open to anyone of any virtual world background.

The idea is to take a pic of your avatar in whatever virtual world you inhabit, and incorporate a photo of your RL self into it somehow.  I threw together a VERY quick sample here of my bunny and me at the snowbaord hill.  I suppose you could go the other way as well, your avatar in YOUR real world too.

So, who's in?
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View Socks's home Socks | 11 year(s) ago

1) Need some ispiration for a virtual trip?
Have a look at the most recent sims, discovered by the Koinup Community!

Arrival to Emerald City - Liqu...

2) Wanna use some additional features of Koinup, as Widgets, Crosspost to Flickr, Import your Machinimafrom Youtube ? You can, follow the links or stay tuned with our blog!

3) Are you from Second Life and There and are wondering how to send postcards on Koinup?
Look here for Second Life and There tutorials
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View pier's home pier | 11 year(s) ago

Koinup Editor Bulletin

1) Are you wondering.....
where are teleporting these days your friends?
Discover here the top 10 destinations of Second Life .....

2) Save this date: Friday, 12th of september, at 12PM SLT at Orange Island in SL
Kali Meads will show us some tips on making B&W SL Photos...Bookmark the event and join us!

3) Tomorrow, Saturday, 13th of September: There will be the third appointment of SL Safari.
We have partnered with NPIRL Group and now we have the new series of events: NPIRL Safaris.
Read more, here!

4) Pileup is still live and good!
Are you wondering if pileup is still alive? Yes, it is and I call to action people and artist from all the worlds, as The Sims, Warcraft, IMVU, Second Life and others...

Here you can find raw material, to modify and make your own versions. If you don't know what it Pileup, please look here
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View pier's home pier | 11 year(s) ago

Hi everyone!  I just made a *MASSIVE* photo upload of a bunch of pics I've been meaning to place up here, but I haven't yet.  So, here you all go!  Just a sample :

Closeup pic of myse4lf, playing with camera angles / zoom

More at my works page!
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View Socks's home Socks | 11 year(s) ago

Kee, the lead of The Photo Institute, has just launched a new project on Koinup:

The Second Night Project!

If you have photos with "Moonlight and stars, dark urban streets, creepy graveyards, back country roads awash in tints of blue and grey" .... Please add to these photos (and videos) the following tag:  


All the entries will be visible here!

If you have already works on Koinup, taken at night, please add to them the appropriate tag...
Otherwise  jump in world, maybe find some inspiration here in the Most Recent Places Discovered by the Community

and have fun with your Windlight

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View pier's home pier | 11 year(s) ago

This Feature of Koinup is very nice....
now you can embed emoticons, images, etcetc....
in comments and broadcasts.....

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View mforiero's home mforiero | 11 year(s) ago

You know,
we are always updating Koinup........
what you will see next time you will log in
is a new awesome visual editor
which will allow you to insert Html, Images, Link, Bold, Italic etc....
in the items descriptions and comments, in your broadcast and in your skills&profile

Thanks to this update, Koinup is more rich, more colourful, more funny and more viral.........

Here you can see that I can embed an image in the broadcast......

Hosoi Ichiba - Koinup Burt

or otherwise I can insert a link.... and much more.......

Read more on our Koinup blog !!!!
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View pier's home pier | 11 year(s) ago

Pileup Tail.........

there are some new pileups to have fun with......

this is by Solange:

this is by JadeCollins:

Are there other pileups to broadcast? report them to me....or broadcast them by yourself! Pileups is a crossworld project.......
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View pier's home pier | 11 year(s) ago

Kee launched a new initiative......... the Windmill Project.....

"I've noticed that Second Life has a lot of nice windmills. And since I like windmills, I've started shooting them" told Kee

Kee invited all of you to jump in SL, look for windmills, take photos and share them (and also the slurls) on Koinup

Go around, pose your eyes on every sl windmill and come back here...

post the windmill photo, add the tag: windmillproject

and check it out the pool here:

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View pier's home pier | 11 year(s) ago

You know, I love to share landmarks and locations......and....uhm...

because of that me and Edo (the tech-side of koinup)
we have launched the PLACES SECTIONS

So here's is my first editorial suggestion for new awesome SL places to visit:

Have a look there or browse others sims here:

and then share postcards / or... btw....try to discover new place and be the first to share the slurls on Koinup

Discoverers will be featured on the "place front pag"e and have a lot of visibility!
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View pier's home pier | 11 year(s) ago

It has been a big-big work.....but now you have a new, exciting, unique guide to the best Second Life Places:

Are you looking for the best attractions of the Metaverse, try here:

Wondering what has been discovered by the community? Try here:

Enjoy the Places Section...contribute to it!
Discovering places in SL is now an easy game........

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View pier's home pier | 11 year(s) ago

I invite all Koinup Mentors to have a look at the new works
waiting for review (I would say pending ;-) :

People which don't know yet the Mentor Project
can have a look here:

and get all the info they need......
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View pier's home pier | 11 year(s) ago

Get Your Koinup Upload Email!

Go here:

Look at the Koinup Upload Email Panel, paste your email address
or customize it (and then click: save changes)

Your Koinup Email is similar to this:

Use this Email Address in Second Life
(or and other virtual worlds) for sending postcards on Koinup

Or look for step by step tutorial here:
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View pier's home pier | 11 year(s) ago

Hey guys,

Sorry for the long message but I wanted to let you know about the last chance to see an unique show in-world, don't miss it, it's an amazing project! :-)
The Cybernetic Art Research Project in conjunction with NMC Campus proudly presents...

the final brick in...

**** THE WALL V-2 ****

After 28 performances to more than 2000 avatars, the LAST-EVER presentations of this unique, groundbreaking and immensely popular SL show will be:


"Amazing. Not so much viewed as it is experienced" ~ Metaverse Messenger
"All I can say is WOW. GREAT show" ~ Second Arts
"Nothing short of spectacular. A complete immersion" ~ Looking Glass
"Impressive, touching and thoughtful. Second Life at its best" ~ MixedRealities
"Never seen anything like it. A perfect amalgamation of creativity" ~ sl-newspaper
"Cutting edge art and performance" ~ NMC Observer

Access to the venue is via. the following SLURL:

Interest is high, so please arrive early! Arriving early will also allow the Texture Pre-Loaders to send all the data to your cache before the show starts. Both shows will start promptly at 2PM SLT.
This is a live artistic performance by a team of SL/RL artists, using the very best and sophisticated of SL's technology to bring you a unique interpretation and vision of Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'.

The CARP Wall Team:

Creative Director: Debbie Trilling (UK)
Producer: Velazquez Bonetto (Germany)
Wall Design: Elfod Nemeth (UK)
Animated Puppets: Duggy Bing (US)
Animations: Caravaggio Bonetto (Austria)
Original Music: Junivers Stockholm (Sweden) & Josina Burgess (Holland)
Stills Photography: Adec Alexandria (UK)
Dancing & Joyfulness: Klute Copploa (France), Southern Riptide (US)

with valuable contributions from:

Scio Kamanchi (US)
Gypsy Paz (US)
Lyddyn Tzara (US)
Celeste Moonlight (US)
DJ Jenns (UK)
George W Bush (US)

and, of course, Pink Floyd's incredible album 'The Wall'

Please note that facelights and all other prim lighting are strictly prohibited from the venue. Please detach all such prim lighting systems before arriving. If you are unsure, please use 'Advanced | Rendering | Info Displays | Light' to check. This will cause all sources of prim lighting in your vicinity to be surrounded by a yellow bounding box. Please be aware that facelights and other sources of prim lighting will not only ruin the show for the wearer, but also for everybody else within up to 20 meters of the wearer.

Please enable 'Nearby Local Lights', particles to a minimum of 4096 (but preferably to 8192), sun to midnight, turn volume to HIGH!

For press release photographs or any further information, please IM Debbie Trilling

Useful links:
Selection of performance photos:
Cybernetic Art Research Project:
Recent CARP ventures:
Debbie Trilling wiki:
Debbie Trilling SL profile:
Velazquez Bonetto SL profile:

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View antonella's home antonella | 11 year(s) ago

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