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What a feeling! Welder by day, dancer by night, Faint Paulse plays Alex in this SL music video remake of FLASHDANCE, the 1983 hit movie starring Jennifer Beals. Her dream: to become a ballet performer. Also Featuring Rizza Soderstrom as the heart-throbbing Nick (played by Michael Nouri in the original). Guest appearances: Eiam, Socks, Six and Zeno. Music: What a Feeling remix of Irene Cara and Global DJs.

Special thanks to Erin for her work on props and to Rizza for being Rizza <3


dooods! It's finally done. /me leaves out a bucket of lollipops, "leave meh a comment n stuff"

View ifeelfaint's home ifeelfaint | 12 year(s) ago

totally amazing idea!

View SL7's home SL7 | 12 year(s) ago


View Leila's home Leila | 12 year(s) ago

A funny thing happened:
Ok so we were gonna have a dog in the final scene like in the original, right. So we go to slex (because that's where babies come from) and get a puppy. We left it at the skybox and went gridhoppin and when we get back its bone is floating in the dog. So I guess it either fell 450M off the roof or drown in the sculpty pool *tear :(* I guess we'll have to rezz another one. x. Faint (and thankies Leila and SL7!)

View ifeelfaint's home ifeelfaint | 12 year(s) ago

Wow am I impressed. This is fantastic! Incredible!!

View zeppy's home zeppy | 12 year(s) ago

Thanks, Zeppy, mehbeh you'll get a kick out of my SL remake of the Brady Bunch XD It's on youtube:

View ifeelfaint's home ifeelfaint | 12 year(s) ago

yeah well
i understand why one could be mistaken and think this is good, but in reality, a part from re-using a well-known non-original music and putting a few badly filmed sequences together, there isn't much merit in making this video - sure, it's not the worst, one or 2 ok post production effects, a little animation preset bought for the dancer, a very unsteady and unsmooth travelling in front of the people at the desk... but no concept, no unity, no real interest... don't be bluffed by the cool electro music they didn't make :)

View swisslinden's home swisslinden | 12 year(s) ago

"Recent works: swisslinden doesn't have any public works."
(alsooo Flashdance was fun as hell to make and the 80s \m/! isn't that enough reason to dooo it :) XD
make luv not war <3

View ifeelfaint's home ifeelfaint | 12 year(s) ago

well i think you did a remarkable job, i know its hard to do remakes and try to get them to represent the original as close as possible. You did a very good job in finding(or creating IDK)sets that represents the original Flashdance film. Even down to the avatar, i thought the outfit was great! overall it felt authentic to me, even if you didn't use the song "what a feeling" it definitely felt like Flashdance. So great work and good luck in the contest!

View BKiddo's home BKiddo | 12 year(s) ago

nuuuuuuuuuuu U!

View ifeelfaint's home ifeelfaint | 12 year(s) ago

Great job Faint, I think you just won the contest

View Mahana's home Mahana | 12 year(s) ago

Wow, some people are really rude, especially when they don't have the talent to have any work of their own!! But enough of that, I enjoyed your video, it made me smile, and I can tell you had fun doing it! Keep on making more movies and ignore comments that are just rude and not constructive!

View Tracechops's home Tracechops | 12 year(s) ago

/me licks Trace on the cheek, "thankies babeh ^^"

View ifeelfaint's home ifeelfaint | 12 year(s) ago

you did a great job! good luck for the contest!

View pier's home pier | 12 year(s) ago

OMG I effin love it...............clever clever!!!!! Hope you win cuz you did a great job.

View justmepeepininyourwindows's home justmepeepininyourwindows | 12 year(s) ago

more yummy then cocopops .,

View bigboy's home bigboy | 12 year(s) ago

Squeeeeee! Well done Faint! I think its a remarkable effort and SwissLinden, go back to snorting your cheap mass produced swiss wouldnt know genuine effort if it ran over you. Was that too personal....who cares :P Well done Faint!! *licks*

View chile's home chile | 12 year(s) ago

Great job Faint!! I really enjoyed watching this because it was like the movie, but it was clever enough to add different aspects to it. Your own take on the movie. It would have been ok to copy the movie scene by scene, but it was fun seeing it through your eyes. I hope you don't take lame-o ppl seriously like Mr.Swisslinden. Srsly...RUDE. Plus, I'm sure he was doing his own remake of Flashdance and you got done before him so he had to bitch a fit in public. XD

Anyways, GL and can I be in your next movie? I promise not to run away like your doggie.

View GiaG's home GiaG | 12 year(s) ago

Very cool, nice car at the end.

View WesM's home WesM | 12 year(s) ago

I totally, just randomly, stumbled upon this video... (O.o) and WOWZA Rizza is da bomb! Damn, Son. Hook a bro up with his number.

/me coughs, and clears his throat
"On a serious note. Kudos to Faint and all the other entrants. Looking at all the videos uploaded, it might be easy for one to assume, that it doesnt take much effort to slice a few shots together, add a soundtrack, and Bob's your dads brother. *Gives SwissLinden the evil eye -.-* It takes dedication, and hard work to realise ones ideas."

/me gives an enthuiastic applause to all the creators "Well done." :)

View Rizzurp's home Rizzurp | 12 year(s) ago

<3! awww thankies!

View ifeelfaint's home ifeelfaint | 12 year(s) ago

YAY! well done!

View Hazel's home Hazel | 12 year(s) ago

I can vouch for the talent utilised in the making of this and any watchable movie, using SL as a platform, for anyone thinking it is easy, it isn't. To mimic a successful movie from RL, is even harder as the movie will always be compared with its counterpart. This movie does give an excellent rendition of the original.

In balance, the danger is, using original sound tracks without full release/permissions, does jeapordise the whole contest. If the Producers of the music track were to see it being used for a contest and or any other way of making money (in whatever denomination) they could insist that it be removed, or worse, expose other seemingly innocent use of copyright music, and close down the whole contest. For that reason alone, I would say caution. Don't risk the huge talent and work put into movies like this, by falling foul of the law, for hobbist its fine, but not for contests or resale, that attract some form of gain (payment).

Final note: The movie is very well done, executed and produced. Well done :¬)

View WBA's home WBA | 12 year(s) ago I've seen

View Kade_Klata's home Kade_Klata | 12 year(s) ago

NICE!!  That was an awesome video.  Give it two thumbs up!

View SashieMashie's home SashieMashie | 10 year(s) ago

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