Aspect Ratio Tips

I'm not sure of a better place to put this, but it should be of use to virtual photographers.

The size of SL Profile pictures is 180w x 135h. They look best if you upload from an original that is 1024 x 768.

Picklist pictures are 290w x 165h. They are best uploaded from 1024 x 583 originals.

Group info pictures are 128 x 128. They look best from 1024 x 1024 originals.

If you save a snapshot that was saved to your "Photo Album" folder, you should edit it in PhotoShop or Gimp and scale it to 874 x 512. This will restore the correct aspect ratio.

View StephanieHelsein's home StephanieHelsein | 9 year(s) ago

Pretty cool tips, thank you.

View MaXsiM's home MaXsiM | 9 year(s) ago

Thank you Stephanie for this nice tip ! ;)

View PralineB's home PralineB | 9 year(s) ago

thanks Stephanie...good to know.

View LorenCapelo's home LorenCapelo | 9 year(s) ago

thanks for that one, good help

Antario_Denja [deleted] | 9 year(s) ago

 Great tips, thank you!

View Crystalship-Rehula's home Crystalship-Rehula | 9 year(s) ago

Thnx, but not in need for all those people who still working in the poor low resolution world of IMVU...
When is this going to change???

View GTXXTG's home GTXXTG | 9 year(s) ago

For IMVU you can type *hiressnap and it will take a nice high resolution picture, if you want it without the background type *hiresnobg, the pictures will go to your desktop. An easier way to do so is to download SCREENIE which is a tool that uses IMVU snapshots function to make high resolution screenshots, its free and the snapshots will be saved to a folder named IMVU-Products in your documents...both ways you get snapshots of 2048x2048

View Vero1324's home Vero1324 | 9 year(s) ago


View isisrose's home isisrose | 8 year(s) ago

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