Metaverse Wallpapers iPhone App - Submission Rules

Metaverse Wallpapers is the Brand iPhone and iPad App built by Koinup that features amazing wallpapers created in virtual worlds and games. You can get all the Metaverse Wallpapers info here or download the app from iTunes

By submitting and publishing your pictures in this group, you authorize Koinup to include them in the app. Not all the submissions will be featured in the app. Only few of them will be choosen by the staff and included in the Metaverse Wallpapers.

ome of the submissions will be picked by the Koinup staff and included in the "Metaverse Wallpapers" app! Metaverse Wallpapers is the new brand Koinup mobile app built for Iphone & Ipad

Once the images will be choosen, if you're the author of some of them, you will be notified by the Koinup Staff. The Metaverse Wallpapers app if the first iPhone and iPad app dedicated to wallpapers created/inspired by virtual worlds, so it's great opportunity for you to enter the project and get displayed in the app.


1. By submitting your pictures to this group, you grant Koinup the authorization to include them in the Metaverse Wallpapers App

2. Koinup will get the right to include the images in the mobile app and use them in the banners and other graphic material used to promote the Metaverse Wallpapers app

3. Koinup won't pay artists for the license of the images.

4. You need to be the author or have the right to publish and submit your images in the group

5. All the images submitted in this group must be safe for all the audience (so to make it clear: no explicit nudity, mo mild nudes, no violence, no controversial subjects)

6. In order to be considered for inclusion in this group, the entries must have the following size: 768x1024 (the range to be approved is 730-768 for the width  - 1010-1024 for the height)

7. The group is moderated. so it could take some days before you see your entries displayed in the group.

8. If a wallpapers is approved in the group, it doesn't mean that it will be included in the iPhone App, but just that it fits the guidelines and requirements

9. You can submit wallpapers from all the virtual worlds and games  ( Read here Guidelines for taking amazing wallpapers)

10. There's no deadline. This is an open project.

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