Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I Submit a wallpaper to the group. But it's not displayed. What can I do?
A. Virtual Worlds Wallpapers group is moderated, it does mean that submission enter the queue before being displayed. If your submission meet the criteria and requirement it will be displayed soon

Q. I have my wallpapers displayed in the Virtual Worlds Wallpapers group. I download the app from iTunes, but I can't see my wallpapers featured. What's happened?
A. Not every wallpaper approved in the group will be featured in the iPhone App. If a Submission is displayed in the group it means that it fit all the criteria and requirements. But only a part of the submissions will be picked for the iPhone and iPad app

Q. Are there some suggested subjects for the submissions
A. There are no suggested or requested subjects. But there are some theme or subjects that are the best choice to make wallpapers as: Natural Subjects, landscapes, fantasy themes, etc

Q. Can I submit images created in all the virtual worlds?
A. Yes, we accept wallpapers from all the Virtual Worlds, both social worlds as Second Life, IMVU, OpenSims and games worlds as World of Warcraft, The Sims and all the others

Q. Can I include some artistic characters nudity in the wallpapers?
A. No you can't. Apple ToS don't authorize the inclusion of nudity in the wallpapers app. then, you can include avatars and human characters but the image can't include nudes (even mild nudes are not allowed)

Q. There's a coupon or discount code for the artists and members that join the Project and contribute to the app?
A. Yes, all the authors whose wallpapers will be included in the app could request a promo code that will allow them to download the app for free. All iPhone & iPad developers receive a limited number of promo code for their apps. So, we can't guarantee that all the authors will receive the promocode.

Q. Why the app is not free?
A. We're spending a lot of time and money developing the app and making the maintenance of Metaverse Wallpapers. Unlike Koinup where we give members more than 1Gb for free and all the service is free of charge, Metaverse Wallpapers require customers a small free of 0,99$ (0,79Eur) for download. Once you download the app, you can enjoy hundreds of wallpapers perfectly created to fit the display screen of iPhone and iPad

Q. There are other benefits for the authors?
We will do our best to give contributors visibility and reward them for their help with the app.
periodicall we will make posts on the blod and updates on our Koinup Facebook Page dedicated to the best wallpapers submitted for the project

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