I need help or musicians need help b/c SL has hurt them..READ ME all parts. It is relevant.

 PART 1 - So here is the thing. I am Calix Metropolitan in world, that avatar is 3/2005...I have one from 2004 but never use it. I have seen SL when live help existed, fences were 24m and you could fly and mingle a ton, but the lag was tough.

IRL I am a PR / Advertising (digital/interactive as well as traditional) / Marketing / Crisis Communications / Public Affairs specialist. Ive worked for a US Senator, the biggest PR firm in the US (at the time Burson Marsteller), two huge ad companies Lowe and JWT. I also have a passion for music riddledphantasms.com and have seen many show over the years. I got sick, I wont go into details too much but it is a variant of MS with bone fractures. Im 34.

I'm telling you this b/c in order for musicians in SL or graphic artists or anyone to take it to the next level you need some RL know how.

On 5.14.09 I had a meeting with SL's bigshots Ryan Downe (chief of staff), Judy Wade (VP of Dev.), Glenn Fisher (Dir. of Marketing) and Andrea Mckee (a glorified secretary who wears short skirts). I told them I had ins with EMI, Interscope (U2, Tupac & 50 Cent's label to name a few), Mute Records (my contact reps. Jose Gonzales and others) that is generally a Euro label and a few Mgt. companies Sacks & Co. (Chris Cornell and a ton of others) and Red Light Management (they got me Ben Harper tix and TVon the Radio). So I told them upon speaking to these people it would be a hard sell to get U2 to show up as lil avatars and play. Also Linden Labs would have to pay or at least provide some of those Q sims that can hold 300 people. They suggested we get people to sell t-shirts and pretend to be the bands on stage. To me that sounds kind of stupid but whatever. The best way would be to get a group of islands and charge admission and stream it or the Dj's that I have are like DJ AM, LMFAO, LA RIOTS, Discotech, Grandtheft (of Team Canada),Autoerotique, Q. Harris, Dj Demarko, Steven Aoki, DJ Kleerup, Howard Benson (whose remix of Long Gone by Chris Cornell has gotten on the verge of 2 million plays last week in across the country including KTBZ-Houston, as well as KYSR-LA, WRXP-NY, KNRK-Portland, WIIL-Chicago,, KBCO-Denver, and KXXR-Minneapolis.

Here is a video for “Long Gone” produced by KIIS FM DJ and Cornell collaborator DJ Skee “Long Gone” Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PlqMAPbELk
Imeem player/stream: http://www.imeem.com/chriscornell

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I also got them Orba Squara (you might know them from the iPhone theme song), which is basically Mitch Davis, His songs from Myspace have been downloaded over 600k times. For a quote “indie” band, that is a lot.

Orba Squara has been called "the new Moby" in the press because 9 songs from the 10 song debut album "sunshyness" have been licensed for film and television projects. This fact makes Orba Squara's "Sunshyness" the most licensed album since Moby's 1999 release, "Play." They had mentioned on the call that indie bands might be better suited so I contacted Sacks and Co. whom I have a decent relationship and who manages Orba Squara and discussed this with them. I spoke with them for an hour about music and my ideas and theirs and taped it all of it on 5.14 @ 5pm as Andrea and Glenn sent me about 35 emails leading up to and the convo went OK, they are a bit out of touch, esp. Glenn, he needs a new box of chocholates and Ryan all of their bosses with some music background said that I should follow up with Glenn, which I did on 5.28.9 after getting who wanted in.

I've since gotten more music I could maybe bring in, really do a lot not just for the companies, screw them, but for the artists who could open and where there would be big record labels, management companies, indie labels,media and they haven't responded to any emails or phone calls. To say I'm pissed off is an understatement b/c I put my name on the line for them and they flaked out. Also it is very unprofessional to just not talk to someone or explain, that is what girls in 9th grade do when they break up, not supposedly "the best virtual reality site" as they claim.

So what now? I almost want to say screw it and not do anything for anyone. Hamlet (Wagner Au) of New World Notes suggested metaverse, honestly I don't know, but I do know SL has screwed themselves with these groups and if you them up you will its a lot of big band and good indie bands.

So that is that, sorry for the long winded story, but you needed to know that SL is NOT a place that fosters real outside acts other than Duran Duran and Suzanne Vega that they kept mentioned. That's great if I had a hair crimper, and Simon Le Bon is 50 and Suzanne is around that age too. Anyhow if anyone has thoughts, suggestions, a communications or proposal for doing this elsewhere I might reconsider. I have been in SL since 04 and won the 2006 Gaming Expo and 2 sims and I gave all the money we made (2400 usd in a mo.) to charity, mostly Art > War type projects.

Anyhow I just need suggestions on what next steps might be? Should we just leave, musicians and artists and film makers are the ones who suffer from this, NOT me and that makes me sad, angry and over SL and ready to quit.

-Ross aka Calix Metropolitan

ps- this site is suprisingly good,i will put it on my list of best of the web, i am impressed, who made this?

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 I saw a lot of name dropping in this thread.  But, does anybody know what it really says?  I'm lost.

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