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 Bombshell bay will be closed and flags at half mast in honor of Pearl Harbor Day, Monday, December 7.  But the grand opening will kick of with a bang beginning Friday, December 11!

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About The Red Garter Mafia

 The Red Garter Mafia was started by the godmother of SL burlesque, Miss Vivienne Dufaux to represent and protect her entertainment and real estate holdings: Bombshell Bay, The Naughty Box, The Tackle Box, Creature Comforts, Mama Loves Mambo (on hiatus) and DJ Vivi for Hire.

Blisters on her toes from hand-me-down tap shoes, a dancer with big dreams Vivi found herself caught up in a life of gin and jazz, you know...vile club owners, catty chorus girls, & the advances of handsy, foul-breathed patrons. There was a glimmer of hope as she was plucked from the line by a man in Hollywood who gave her stardom & so much more til she found out he already had two wives: a teenage bride & the whiskey-voiced trollop at the bar.

Calling her car, dragging her suitcase behind, a sign through the window caught her eye...Who knew how long it had been there...that Red Cross poster? Inspired, she joined the war effort first training as a nurse, but then her experience led her to run Red Cross canteen on a hidden South Pacific island airstrip. There, she did her best to hide the harsh realities of war behind pretty girls (rebuilding her famous Naughty Box Burlesque Theatre), happy big band music and a homecooked meal.

As the war ended, a sadness fell over their island home...soldiers unwilling to part with their lovely native girls and red cross nurses refusing to leave until their soldiers returned to them. Vivi, with no home to return to, continued to run her canteen with nightly entertainment and lots of fun distractions, making the island a popular spot for those desiring an escape.

The Boogie Woogie Ballroom at Bombshell Bay was originally built as a distraction from the war outside and has hosted the best in Big Band on the USO tour. Now it features dancing nightly to the tunes of Glenn Miller, the Andrew Sisters, Duke Ellington, the Dorseys, Gene Krupa and swing revival from Squirrel Nut Zippers, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Big Bad VooDoo Daddies, Royal Crown Revue and so much more. Did you know Amelia Earhart was working for the US Military? And that she actually crash landed here in Bombshell Bay while spying on the Japanese? So much for top secret...

High on the hill, you can hear the sultry saxophone and almost smell the perfume of the Naughty Box Burlesque Theatre. In the smokey room, silhouettes of garter clad hips and seamed stockings strut across the stage. Goosebumps start to form as ostrich feathers trace your skin and the dancer's perfume lingers as she brushes past you. Your senses will be set afire with the Naughty Box's REAL vintage burlesque, classic and sassy...a little witty, slightly naughty, and VERY sexy. Real life dancer and Red Garter Mafia godmother, Vivienne Dufaux DJ'sfrom her unique collection of striptease music that crosses several decades. Reminding you of when women taunted men with their elegant beauty and made them desire with only words and a flash of skin.

No where is more perfect for the "boys" to feel at home than in the Tackle Box Bar, a place where men can talk about titties and sports and play darts and listen to the jukebox. Salty sailor, Clampy Chowderhead has made this island home since long before the war - chasing island girls and fishing...come on in and let him tell you a story or two.

Don't miss the rest of the island that offers much to do with an outdoor stage for live music offering an eclectic mix of jazz, world, reggae and latin jazz music. Find a cuddle spot with someone special or dance in the sand while you listen to the music island wide. 7Seas fishing areas throughout, snorkeling, surfing, and of course, SHOPPING!
The Red Garter Mafia

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The Red Garter Mafia is dedicated to the entertainment holdings of SL's godmother of Burlesque, SL and RL dancer, Miss Vivienne DuFaux: Bombshell Bay, The Naughty Box, The Tackle Box, Mama Loves Mambo (on hiatus) and DJ Vivi.

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