Machinima and Viewer 2

Hi all,

There have been many posts on the challenges seen with Viewer 2 for the machima artists (SL blogs and forum posts). 

Unfortunately I haven't been able to detect any conclusive answers to most of the biggest challenges, hence I wanted to setup this new topic to compile some answers that would assist machinima artist strugling with the same challenges I'm currently facing. By far the biggest challenge I have with Viewer 2 (why I'm still using the previous viewer to record instead of Viewer 2) is the UI top bar that I can't get out of view when you record. In Viewer 2 when you press ctrl-alt-F1 it removes the shortcut bar and brower bar, but keeps the top UI bar in view (which wasn't the case in the previous viewer).  In other words, if you record with Viewer 2 there seems to be no way at all to remove this top bar from your view.   When discussing this item with Torley Linden recently he mentioned he was aware of the issues however that some turnarounds for this had been found, unfortunately I still have no idea what those are (browsing the blogs and forums, couldn't find any solutions to this at all).

I've also noticed that the new features in Viewer 2 that give you shadows etc... aren't as stable as they could be.  Off course I'm aware of the fact that those are beta features still, so this can be expected.  However the amount of lag these feature seems to produce is massive, so in my opinion, allthough a incredible feature for machinima artist it has not been thought through in a proper manner when it comes down to actual usability of these features.

I also have found some other minor challenges with Viewer 2, but have found (although these are annoying) solutions for them.

So, please have a look at the above, give your view (perhaps solutions) and let me know if you are facing similar challenges or even others. 

My end goal for this topic is to create a reference point for all that face challenges with SL Viewer 2, to avoid having to browse through endless blogs to find your solutions. 

All help is appreciated on this item !!


Aaron Ishelwood

View Aaron_Ishelwood's home Aaron_Ishelwood | 9 year(s) ago

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