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Hello and welcome to this new group.
It is a group designed for those who create machinima in the Second Life/OpenSim platforms, and those who enjoy watching our work.
Feel free to link your work here and add comments/pictures explaining one or more techniques used in its creation. Or you can explain the reason for the media.

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Pruning unless you contribute

Created by WBA on 31/03/2009 3.40
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Machinima and Viewer 2

Created by Aaron_Ishelwood on 13/04/2010 9.52
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Created by RockerFaerie on 08/04/2010 20.21
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Machinima Event

Created by Lusus on 01/02/2010 8.33
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Arg slow and jerky recording

Created by novadyszel on 30/10/2009 15.57
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Can I post NSFW in here?

Created by toxicmenges on 17/04/2009 11.52
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by View WBA's home WBA
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About Second Life Machinima

Creating Machinima in Second Life/OpenSim has its strengths and weaknesses. Using the strengths, it is possible to create some very appealing and creatibe work, that has a $ worth both to those within the community and to RL companies/individuals/organisations.
It is also a very expressive art form, an educational tool and many other things.

The goal of this group is for us all to explore the potentials of the media, through example, discussion, debate and sharing.
Second Life Machinima

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This group is for those interested in Machinima, or making Machinima, in Second Life/OpenSim. Share tips, skills, methods and general information.

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