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 regarding the land, I think you can refer here:
you have issue only if the land owner explicitly prohibits, otherwise you can sell it without issues

regarding clothes or animations, it seems that there's not an official policy, so if it's allowed, but I think that common sense should be used in these cases. That's: if you prominently display a content made by other developer (example you wanna sell a closeup picture that show off details of a dress made by a second life designer), I think you should ask permission to him.

View pier's home pier | 7 year(s) ago

thank you pier - that all is very complicated:-)

View MarliaLooming's home MarliaLooming | 7 year(s) ago

Hey Marlia, indeed, let me tell you that it's not so complicated.

You can sell almost anything if you're the author of picture. But in some specific cases - example, when there's a closeup on your avatar pants and these pants are made by a designer - I suggest you in order to avoid any kind of issue to ask permission (probably it's not necessary, but I suggest to do that). In all the other cases, there's no other complications

View pier's home pier | 7 year(s) ago

Those complications are exactly why my "Tales of Eternity Isle" project has been so slow to launch, I realized early on that nearly all content on my set would need to be made by myself or a member involved in the production, and if I wish to use content created by others get an agreement and offer a film credit in the end titles as well.  Currently I have physical prints available for sale but I don't wish to use any web based service (zazzle, cafepress, lulu).

View DigitalJackBlackhawk's home DigitalJackBlackhawk | 7 year(s) ago

thank you pier -  it is much easier to sell render from DAZ Studio or Poser because there I have all permissions:-)
Maybe I look for some SL pics I would like to try to sell and ask the designers. But it is not only clothes - also the skin and hair
Here in Germany and maybe in other countries too are a lot of greedy lawyers who are waiting to send you a warning you have to pay for or even worse. I just had the case with a missing Impressum on facebook...............

View MarliaLooming's home MarliaLooming | 7 year(s) ago


ivite you all :) Contest - About that Bass

View avo2's home avo2 | 5 year(s) ago

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