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 We launched this feature in order to let our members get more from their art and let the world know that metaverse and virtual art is more than a simple form of self-expression - as we all know - it's a new and incredible form of art. This is what we think about it, but what's you thoughts on this topic, do you think that metaverse/secondlife/virtualworld art is a true art genre? or not?

View pier's home pier | 6 year(s) ago

It is surely a great idea to build this feature and I really would like it if people would buy some of my pictures:-)))
For me virtual art from SL and virtual worlds is a true kind art genre.
But.....what is about rights and licenses? Is it allowed to sell pictures we take in Second Life?
Pics with all the stuff other people build there including the appearances of our avatars? And what's about other virtual worlds? This is something I always wanted to know but was not able to find out because I do not quite understand the TOS of (e.g.) SL. I hope it's ok to mention this here but I am glad to find a place to get answers to this question:-)

View MarliaLooming's home MarliaLooming | 6 year(s) ago

Marlia according to the TOS of Second Life the author of contents retains the ownership and copyright, so there's no infringment if people try to sell contents they created

View pier's home pier | 6 year(s) ago

 Many like myself upload to Koinup using .jpg tags since this is a good medium for the web. However .jpg files do not print well. What does Bigoom suggest for the tag, .tif , .png or .bmp since these are lossless

View ChewieSmith's home ChewieSmith | 6 year(s) ago

ChewieSmith, I would think .png but it would be interesting to hear what Bigoom suggests.

View Venk's home Venk | 6 year(s) ago

Hi guys, sorry for delay but I was out of my office. Of course ChewieSmith, you are right and there are better tag than .jpg for printing. In any case Bigoom will check any file and activate only printable size depending on resolution, tag etc. So if a .jpg file will allow a 70x100cm print on canvas it means that we will guarantee for a good 100x70 cm print on canvas! :)

View Bigoom's home Bigoom | 6 year(s) ago

I have put ten photos on Bigoom...and it says as a basic user I can't upload anymore.  Ten is the limit?? 

View ElizaCabassoun's home ElizaCabassoun | 6 year(s) ago

@ElizaCabassoun yes it is. We choose that limit couse too many people loaded their entire computer on our servers...If you want to get an unlimited storage you can buy a Plus account for some dollars per year. Thanks to the partnership with Koinup you can get it discounted. Here is the link:

View Bigoom's home Bigoom | 6 year(s) ago

Hi pier,
yes the creator of contents (in SL) retain their copyright and ownership but don't we have to get a licence for the stuff we take a photo of (sims, buildings, hair etc - I know that would be nearly impossible but there are so many nasty lawyers in the world;-) ) if we want to sell that picture as a print or whatever? 
Sorry that I am asking again but I want to be really sure about that:-)
Thank you.
Regards Marlia

View MarliaLooming's home MarliaLooming | 6 year(s) ago

hey Marlia, this is more about the contents/people included in the picture than about the sales of it
this is t he Linden Lab policy

View pier's home pier | 6 year(s) ago

In answer to the question at the top of this page the answer is no. The reason I have joined this group is to find a way of deleting the account I made with Bigoom before finding out I can't use it. There seems to be no instructions on how to do this on site and a pretty useless 'contact us' page that has no contact e.mail address. Suggestions appreciated.


View kibishipaul's home kibishipaul | 6 year(s) ago

Hi Paul, to delate your account on Bigoom just write us an email (you can find it in our contact page) with your registration address.
We can't allow users to delate their account because we have to check if there aren't pending orders or future payments. We will delate it for you! Thanks

View Bigoom's home Bigoom | 6 year(s) ago

Why we cannot browse others' artworks in Bigoom?

View LoveJayYuhara's home LoveJayYuhara | 6 year(s) ago

 @LoveJay Bigoom is more a service/platform for print shopping than a community. You can continue to use Koinup as a community and artists gallery repository and use Bigoom as a service

View pier's home pier | 6 year(s) ago

but if we want to sell pictures, people must be able to LOOK at the pics - but I do not see a way there at Bigoom where to do this even if I am not locked in. So how can people buy pictueres they cannot look at????

And it is about selling pictures when I am asking if we need a license when we want to sell pictures of the CONTENT from SL :-)

View MarliaLooming's home MarliaLooming | 6 year(s) ago

interesting - no answer here...............where can we look at the pictures that are sold???
Or...where are the pics sold? I surely will not offer pictueres for selling if I do not know where I can buy them!
And the question about the licences and if we have the right to sell pictures with content from SL is still not really answered - for me it is not.

View MarliaLooming's home MarliaLooming | 5 year(s) ago

Hi MarliaLooming, sorry for delay! I can aswer you just about your first question: off course people must be able to see what they want to buy...that's why here at Koinup under the photos you want to sell people will see the "buy print" botton. Thanks to our partnership Koiunp become the gallery for  photos you want to sell.
Moreover if you want to sell your images also in other space (on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you want) you can use Bigoom's share bottons (in the share & embed panel on Bigoom).

View Bigoom's home Bigoom | 5 year(s) ago

thank you Bigoom:-) Now it is more clear to me how this is meant:-)

View MarliaLooming's home MarliaLooming | 5 year(s) ago

 Hello Marlia, if you are the author of a Second Life picture, you retain the right to sell it
but if you prominently display in the picture contents from other authors, you have to ask them about the permission to sell it. Because part of the contents is made by others. I think that there's more a common sense approach than a specific solution for these cases

View pier's home pier | 5 year(s) ago

thank you pier - sorry that I have difficulties to understand all these rights.
So if i take a picture from my avatar with a dress and hair,skin and so on made by someone else I have to ask for a license if I want to sell the picture? And what about sims? All things are made by someone else in SL. Is this what you mean with content from other authors? Then it would be nearly impossible to sell a picture taken in SL:-)

View MarliaLooming's home MarliaLooming | 5 year(s) ago

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