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I thought everybody in this group could say something about their views on music, what kind of music they like, if they do music shows or DJ on Second Life, etc...

I'm playing a little bit of everything but guitar and bass remain my favorite instruments. I don't think I'm good enough to play anything in front of an audience (or maybe too shy...), even a "virtual" one.

My tastes about music vary a lot. I can listen to any style of music as long as it brings me an emotion.

View Crystalship-Rehula's home Crystalship-Rehula | 11 year(s) ago

hello everyone :o)  i play various accoustic instruments and  make music using synthesizers and music software programs , combining future/ electronic/ethnic/ accoustic genres in a hybrid style.   my influences in music range from celtic, renaissance, flamenco, north-african, to andean, aborigene, ambient, trance, african, indian, polynesian, gamelan from Bali...etc.   anyone interested can preview/purchase my tracks in Second Life,  on my sims  BLADERUNNER CITY, in The Studio. 
and in BLADERUNNER CITY 2, in the Pods behind the landing stage. everyone is most welcome to drop by and visit anytime :o)

View Blackmamba's home Blackmamba | 11 year(s) ago

Hiya :)  I play guitar and contribute sonic textures with a cross country recording partner...  The experiment is called, THE BEAT MONKS...  Very influenced by Tortoise and other instumental bands and jam bands as well  ... Nels Cline Is a favorite as well as the Chicago Underground Trio, Sonic Youth, etc...   We have 4 albums available for free download with cover and disk art along with it...  


View PrandiCapalini's home PrandiCapalini | 10 year(s) ago

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