The winners of the Murku Comics Contest (Announcement)

According to the panel of judges
(made up by: Hamlet Au, Aimee Weber, Gwyneth Llewelyn, Tateru Nino, Talia Tokugawathe winning entries of the Murku Second Life Comics Contest are:

MadPea Soup
It's a Mad Mad MadPea World!
A Builder's Dilemma
Interspecies romance?  

As previously said the winning entries are the submissions that got the most number of preferences among the judges

Along with the 4 winnings works
there are some honorary mentions deserved by:

The Sniper
Don't try this at home
An Explosive Drama

The winners are invited to contact us at the following email address:
in order to get delivered the prize

The announcement will be also visible on the official Koinup Blog

View pier's home pier | 11 year(s) ago

I'm shocked and I'm sure it's a mistake but I'm not giving it back!  :)  I had planned a multipaneled cartoon but ran out of time and could only do a quick punch line.

Thank you!

View Honour's home Honour | 11 year(s) ago

Thank you so much and for both categories even! It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of this contest and Deep did a fantastic job with the HUD (keep up the good work!). :)

Congrats to the other winners and special honourary mentions as well!

View Rocksea's home Rocksea | 11 year(s) ago

Congratulations to all winners.

View DamianDelacroix's home DamianDelacroix | 11 year(s) ago

This is quite an honor I didn't expect this at all, congratulations to my fellow winners.

View DigitalJackBlackhawk's home DigitalJackBlackhawk | 11 year(s) ago

Congratulations to all the participants and thank you to Deep for the HUD  :)

View Honour's home Honour | 11 year(s) ago

Congratulations!! Is it possible for everybody who have made a submission to meet some time inworld to discuss about the opportunity to share Sitara's building at the center of the sim. I initially planned to offer it as an exhibit space for your comics and to provide some space to support any related events you might be interested in? I am available at 12 PDT almost everyday (lunch time my place). Let me know. It will be great if we can start a small community of comics creators and enthusiasts in SL. The space to be allocated will be free till September 1rst 2009. I thank Piers publicly here. The competition was his idea and I am happy to have made so many friends.

View DeepSemaphore's home DeepSemaphore | 11 year(s) ago

It was a great fun Deep, so I'm very glad about this competition.

I encourage all the people that have started to use the MURKU Hud, to continue their efforts and as said by Deep: It will be great if we can start a small community of comics creators and enthusiasts in SL

So contact Deep Semaphore inworld and stay tuned with the comics creation in Second Life...

View pier's home pier | 11 year(s) ago

Congratulations to all winners :-)

View Emo-Biedermann's home Emo-Biedermann | 11 year(s) ago

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