Twinity Machinima Contest. Rules and Presentation

"Powered by real life" is a Twinity Machinima Contestsupported by Koinup and Bitfilm.

The contest is about filming machinima in Twinity and post the videos on this group pool.

1. THEME: The theme of the contest is "HUMOUR". You're invited to inflate your video with a bit of humour! Remember: Virtual Life is a bit more easy and humourous of the real one.

2.a The other theme of the contest is "POWERED BY REAL LIFE". Twinity is a virtual world that mashes virtual and real. Twinity is not about escaping from reality but it is more about empower it. Think to something real happening to your life, turn it in something humourous and film the scenes in Twinity!
2.c The video has to be "city related". You can set in Virtual Berlin and/or Virtual Singapore

3. UPLOAD: The highly suggested option to add videos to the group is to upload them on Youtube and then import on Koinup with the Youtube Import Tool
Once the videos are on Koinup, make sure to be member of the group and click on "add works to the group"


4.a On 15th of July the Twinity machinima headquarter in Twinity will be held the kickoff event to launch the contest and for Q&A with the participants. Stay tuned with the Twinity blog for updates and announcements

4.b The submission time is from 15th of July to 30th of August
4.c The voting time is from 20th of August to 24th of September

5. WINNER: The winning video will be the submission with most "favs"

6. PRIZES: The winning machinima:
6.a  will be published on Twinity, Koinup, Bitfilm websites and blog
6.b will be projected Twinity@Bitropolis Cinema, during a dedicated event
6.c the author of the will get a free apartment in Virtual Singapore

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