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In contemporary art there are many works whose peculiarity is a playful attitude.
Artists like Takashi Murakami, Todd Schorr and Stefano Bolcato often use icons related to the world of comics, manga and old games to create influential and evocative works.
This contest is about that kind of art. The works for this contest should have an ironic or playful attitude and possibly to take inspiration from pop culture. These could be pictures, photographs, installations, but also the avatars themselves.

All the artworks must be in digital form and they must be submitted directly to the Koinup website. This can be done by publishing them in the "Works" section of the contest page. Each artist can submit up to three works.

The art work may be either a digital image, or it may be a virtual world “artifact” – for example an avatar or a sculpture or a “build”. If the art work is a virtual world artifact, the artist should produce either one to three screenshots of the virtual artifact or a machinima video of the artifact (no longer than one minute long), and a little description of the artifact itself, telling something about its life or role in the virtual world where it subsists.

In the case where the work is a virtual world artifact, we will consider a relevant part of the work to be the story of the artifact. That is, the artwork will be understood in part as a conceptual project, where the parameters used to evaluate the work will be not only the formal categories, but the fictional story of the character/artifact.

Three winning works will be chosen and they will appear in an upcoming issue of Metaverse Creativity, a scientific journal about virtual worlds directed by Elif Ayiter (Alpha Auer in SL). The people who enter the contest retain their rights to their artwork and all representations of the artwork submitted.

The jury of the contest is formed by Elif Ayiter aka Alpha Auer (Metaverse Creativity), Peter Ludlow (Alphaville Herald) and Mario Gerosa (Architectural Digest).

The deadline for the contest is November 14, 2010.

funny and playful art and avatars

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Virtual worlds become more and more professional. But there is also a funny and playful attitude. People who create amusing works of art and unusual avatars who do not take themselves too seriously. If you think your avatar is funny enough or if you like creating playful works of art, this is your context! The four winning images will be published in a feature for the scientific journal Metaverse Creativity to be published in 2011.

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