Participation convention

Thank u 4 participating in the group of the photo contest of my SIM.
In our group, the participation regulations exist.
Please continue your favors toward the renewal confirmation.

① Thing without fail of which it takes a picture with PaisleyPark SIM(in Secondlife).

② It is possible 2 apply up 2 four works(pics) a person.

③ Thing 2 use and 2 take a picture of please wear "something" obtained in PaisleyPark.

④ Things that are 1024*1024 size pic ONLY.

⑤ Please choose the applying prize.

⑥ Thing 2 describe formal avatar name.

⑦ The photograph 4 which it applied is a thing 2 acknowledge being going 2 be used by advertising
      PaisleyPark in the future.

Please participate after approving the above-mentioned 7covenantions.
I will exhibit all of the application work
taken a picture of with PaisleyPark on the exhibition hall.
However, please acknowledge the thing that
the examination becomes off the subject when this convention are not filled.

My best regards.

View mayte_Flanagan's home mayte_Flanagan | 10 year(s) ago

I am not a native English speaker and can hardly understand what you are planning to do. Would it be possible to get translation help from someone whose mother´s tongue is English?

View FirleFanz's home FirleFanz | 10 year(s) ago

Hahaha, so sorry!!

I am not good at English.
However, I was thought that the explanation in English was necessary.

I think.
You should translate my Japanese blog directly possibly.

My best regards. : )

// and mini attention

2 = to  ,  4 = for , u = you , u'r = your

This is a special expression of artist "Prince" whom I love.
Because my SIM is Prince tribute SIM this expression is used.

View mayte_Flanagan's home mayte_Flanagan | 10 year(s) ago

 This is not any better with translating directly from the blog... The rules are not very clear at all ;)

However i can understand that: "wear "something" obtained in PaisleyPark."
Are you saying we have to buy something in your sim for our submitted pictures to be eligible for the contest?

View Crystalship-Rehula's home Crystalship-Rehula | 10 year(s) ago

But , It need not necessarily be bought what.

Any OK such as free gift, drink, and food....etc.

If it is what obtained in PaisleyPark, anything is good.
And, please write its name.
These are very important.

View mayte_Flanagan's home mayte_Flanagan | 10 year(s) ago

As far as I figured out meanwhile, my picture isn´t according to the rules of this contest (although they are not clear for me at all even until now). So I better removed my work from the group.
But nevertheless I liked the visit on Paisley Park :)

View curlswindlehurst's home curlswindlehurst | 10 year(s) ago

Thank u 4 understanding. We wish 2 express our gratitude.
Your work was very beautiful and perfect !
Thank u really.

View mayte_Flanagan's home mayte_Flanagan | 10 year(s) ago

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Only members of a group can post to group discussions, so
you'll need to join PaisleyPark Photo Contest 2nd.

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