NeoVictoria is Two Years Old!

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This month NeoVictoria turned two. We are two years old! So much wonderful work has been done these last years and now its time to celebrate past accomplishments and look toward the future as we plan new ones!

This coming week is full of parties (both IC and OOC) and re-introduces an old character to the roleplay in a new form. <-Inserts evil smile here-> You'll have to join us in the roleplay to discover just how new.

NeoVictoria SkyClub: We Do Steampunk & Dark Cabaret
Sky Pirate Radio Presents 2nd Anniversary Kick Off!

Time: Wednesday, 12 September from 7pm to 9pm, SL-time
Location: NeoLondon SkyClub

Event Description
Philidus Xeltentat (DJ Phil!) returns for what promises to be a spectacular show! The theme is "Best in Hats". Wear your most impressive creations to celebrate our two year anniversary. There will Lindens on the board and in the air.

NeoVictoria is a roleplay estate in the steampunk style. Our skyclub (where this party takes place) is an out-of-character space and the perfect way to have some fun and (if you're intrigued), learn more about the project. Join us!

Dance of Fire and Shadow SIM-Wide

A very sinister character returns to NeoVictoria. Charming as he is deadly, the demi-god Xiuhcoatl has slouched to NeoLondon to be (re)born.

This three-day SIM-wide begins Wednesday afternoon (before the OOC party) and concludes on Friday evening with a spectacular in-character mask'd ball.

Two Rendezvous RPs are scheduled to book-end this SIM-wide.

~ Asil Karu kicks it off on Wednesday, 12 September at 3:30 PM SL-Time with Rendezvous RP: What's the light in the castle?
~ We're leaving Thursday wide open for improvisation and encourage everyone to visit and roleplay!
~ Friday, 14 September at 6:00 PM SL-Time is the mask'd ball (Rendezvous RP: Dance of Fire and Shadow). Dress your avatar to the 'nines and enjoy the festivities (and probable bloodshed)!

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