NeoVictoria is Doing the Jack-O-Lantern Hunt

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The Torch SL does this annual hunt to help newbies, it's a learning tool for newcomers introducing them to different aspects of Second Life. Destinations and merchants from every part of Second Life are featured, from Nekos to Furries, from animations to gestures as well as clothing that comes under different cultures and genres in Second Life. For example Goth, Vampire, Fantasy and Cyber.

Our Gift for the Hunt

++ About Our Gift ++

In the NeoVictoria storyworld, magic and technology come together to serve the needs of the citizenry. The NeoVictorians have learned to use magic combined with machines from the mechanical age. When it comes to light and energy, rather than harnessing the powers of oil or the atom, they have devised a way to capture the essence of a creature (some might call it the spirit or soul) to use as an energy source.

Special thanks to Jhaesoph Foxdale for the scripting!

Poster Image for the Hunt

Hunt Name: Jack-O-Lantern Hunt
Date: 1 October to 31 October 2012
Organiser's SL Name: KennieM Resident
Hunt Producer's Website:
SLUrl to starting location:

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