NeoVictoria is doing STEAM 7: the Time & Space Hunt

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Historical Hunts is producing another amazing grid-wide hunt in September; its STEAM 7 and this cycle the theme is Time & Space. If you love Steampunk, Victorian or Gothic content, then this is one hunt you don’t want to miss. With 150 locations participating, it’s one of the largest grid-wide hunts in Second Life and always one of the best.

This year, NeoVictoria is doing a mini-hunt, providing five different styles of our amazing personal teleportation device. We’re stop 45 on the hunt (The NeoVictoria Visitor Center at Machinima Sim) and we’re looking forward to welcoming all the hunters to the skymall.

++ About Our Gift ++

In the NeoVictoria storyworld, magic and technology come together to serve the needs of the citizenry. Rather than harnessing the powers of the atom, the NeoVictorians have learned to use magic combined with machines from the mechanical age. When it comes to transportation, there are no star-ships, but portals that link their worlds. These large “mirrors” are actually personal Teleporters which wealthy citizens use to transport around their environs quickly and easily.

Now you can use the marvelous technology too! Our personal Teleporters are crafted low-lag, low-prim for a variety of decors: earth, fire, water, air & spirit. There is one for each of the elements, complete our mini-hunt & collect all five!

Special thanks to Jhaesoph Foxdale for the scripting and to Crosswired Deanimator for the unique textures used for the elemental runes!

Steam 7 Art
Hunt Name: STEAM 7 ~ Time & Space Hunt
Date: 1 September to 30 September 2012
Organiser's SL Name: Perryn Peterson
Hunt Producer's Website:
SLUrl to starting location:

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