NeoVictoria 2016 Photo Contest

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The NeoVictoria 2016 Photo Contest

Time: 1 December to 31 December 2016
Location: NeoVictoria Estate in Second Life
Organized By: Asil Ares

The Prizes:
~ 1st Place - L$5000
~ 2nd Place - L$3000
~ 3rd Place - L$2000
~ 4rd Place - L$1000
~ 5th Place through 12thPlace – L$250 each
In addition to the prize money, winners will be featured on the NeoVictoria websites and in the calendar.

Event Description

Every year, we host a photo contest and every year, people create the most extraordinary images! As ever, the contest is about capturing the spirit of NeoVictoria's roleplay for a 2016 calendar. The only criteria are:

1. The image must be related to our storyworld; it's fine to use avatar characters and props, or to only shoot landscapes. If you're unfamiliar with the Neo'verse, please visit our public website at

2. Using photo-enhancing software like Photoshop or GIMP is permitted; however, do NOT add any words or borders to the image.

3. The shot must be captured on the land level of the Machinima SIM or the NeoVictoria SIM in Second Life, and have been taken during the contest period.

To take part in the competition:

~ Visit the NeoVictoria estate in Second Life between 1 December and 31 December 2016 to take your images; here’s the SLUrl:

~ Join the "The NeoVictoria Project" group on Koinup ( [That is this group, on this website.]

~ Add your images to our Kionup pool by 31 December 2016, limit of two per avatar. Here's the direct link:

Include the following:

1) Your Second Life avatar name. [This is the default avatar name you created your SL account with, not its display name.]

2) The SIM name where the photo was taken (NeoVictoria or Machinima).

3) The month of the year you think suits the photo best, for example: “Asil Ares presents The Cathedral Bell Tower in NeoVictoria SIM for January”.


Depending on the volume of pictures received, the first round of judging will be by the NeoVictoria community via the Internet. We’ll present the top 15 images in-world for a final vote to determine the twelve winners. The in-world vote will be open to all Second Life avatars whose players are 18+ in real life. In-world voting will be from 8 January through 18 January and will be located in the NeoVictoria SkyClub.  Winners will be announced on 21 January at a special party in the NeoLondon SkyClub, time TBA.

IMPORTANT: While the NeoVictoria estate is identified as an adult SIM to comply with Linden Lab's ToS, we are not a sex-SIM. Any unseemly images will be removed from the contest without warning as deemed appropriate by the judges or the Kionup admins.

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The NeoVictoria Photo Contest only has three days left. Please submit your photos!

Instructions are here:

Happy shooting!

View Asil's home Asil | 4 year(s) ago

Got the eleven photos that were submitted in-world and staged for the in-world vote. Voting begins on Sunday, 8 January!

View Asil's home Asil | 4 year(s) ago

Voting is over.  Join us tomorrow ( Friday, 20 Jan) for the party!

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Winners of the 2016 NeoVictoria Photo Contest

First Place: “It’s a Murderous, Murderous Ball Night” by Abigale Heron.
Second Place: “And Nobody Can Foresee…” by Abigale Heron
Third Place: “Christmas Decorating” by Sitarra Lefevre
Fourth Place: “Saber Sneaks into the Time Machine Room” by Saber Badkatt
Fifth Place: “Ghost Ship of NeoVictoria” by Saber Badkatt
Sixth Place: “Before the Show” by Aedenna
Seventh Place: “Mechanical Angel” by Aedenna
Eighth Place: “Welcome To NV” by MadMechaMessiah
Ninth Place: “Steampunk Vigilante” by MadMechaMessiah
Tenth Place: “Are You Not Coming with Me?” by tiarafrenz
Eleventh Place: “This is NeoVictoria” by tiarafrenz

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Visit our public website for a report on the Contest Award party!

View Asil's home Asil | 4 year(s) ago

If you are winner, but haven't received your prize yet, please contact Asil Ares in-world.  Thanks!

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