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Right now, Monochrome is the largest group for black/white and sepia photographs on Koinup.  Thanks to everyone who participates for helping us to grow, and for the great talent you have here!

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Why black and white

Created by HarperGanesvoort on 07/04/2009 6.23
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Created by Crystalship-Rehula on 03/11/2009 16.57
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About Monochrome (a.k.a. Black & White)!

Why do you say there's no color
Dietrich was the Blue Angel
Duke and Monty rode Red River
Leslie Howard's Scarlet Pimpernel
Fairbanks was a bold Black Pirate
Cagney's White Heat burned me cold
There's a panchromatic rainbow
To a silver-halide pot of gold
Though my valley's green no longer, it's home
In monochrome

"Monochrome," from John M. Ford's How Much for Just the Planet

There's not so much "black and white" film available now for camera work, but Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop give us the ability to create our own panchromatic works of art.  Return to the days of Ansel Adams, Cecil Beaton, Alfred Steiglitz and Edward Steichen, and show off your skills in shades of grey!

The rules:  tasteful nudes only, no porn, PG preferred, admin's decision is final.  Sepia-tone, or mainly monochrome/impression of monochrome welcome.

Monochrome (a.k.a. Black & White)!

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Black and white photography used to be _the_ form of photography, and later as the one serious form. Color, when it came in, was often seen as a toy. Today, color is the de facto standard, and monochrome is almost forgotten. Let's keep that from happening.

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