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Still far and away the "hairiest"  general-submission hair group on Koinup; nearing 3,000 works here, with more added almost every day.  More specific groups cover certain colors, and have passed us here, but you can submit it all to this one.

Thanks much for your continued support!!

Peace, Harper

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The best hair in Second Life

Created by pier on 08/04/2009 13.18
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About Hair to There

In Second Life, I'm what I like to call a "coiffurista," someone who has to have the latest, finest (and often wildest) hairstyles created by the best prim arrangers on the Grid.  Take a look a some of what I'm gonna throw into this group, and you'll see what I mean!  But the more normal styles are excellent as well.  After all, you can't really go hopping grunge clubs in a Fifties bouffant, now, can you...?

This group is for examples of hair you like from the virtual worlds open to membership (Second Life, The Sims, WoW, OpenSim, Lively and vSide).  Please keep the pictures PG (or a tasteful nude at best; admin's discretion rules on all questions and is final).  Men, you can show off, too!  It's just that us ladies have it so much finer (grin).
Hair to There

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The oldest and largest general-interest hair group, not dedicated to a single color. You gotta love virtual hairstyles; things can be done with it that can't be done in the Real World! And, even with "normal" styles, not a lock goes out of place, even in the strongest virtual wind. Hats can also be of interest here, and are welcome. (All submissions are subject to rejection by the admin.) Just remember, the HAIR is the feature here, not clothes (or lack thereof). Admin's interpretation and decision on nudity, cheesecake/beefcake, and similar matters is final. Absolutely no vendor shots; if you have the original work, no problem, but leave the vendor text out of it, please.

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