What does it mean for you "virtual worlds"?

Dear friend, can I have your help? If I say "virtual worlds" what do you think about?
You can answer here on Koinup's group discussions or (even better) on our group on FB: https://www.facebook.com/Mondivirtuali.it
I'm curious... (thanks a lot in advance!)

Lukemary Slade

View SLnnItaly's home SLnnItaly | 6 year(s) ago

Hi Lukemary,

Thanks for the message. For me the words 'virtual' and 'world' mean my second life ... a passtime to while away those spare hours.

View JosefBalbozar's home JosefBalbozar | 6 year(s) ago


As Josef, virtual world means also for me Second Life.  An imaginary world where i could take snapshots from beautifuls sims designed by artists.
A world where many differents people lives together builders, musicians, artists, business man, lovers, ...,  and also some robbers :-)
Not everyone has a reason to come in a virtual world, but everyone has a reason to continue.
In some way , virtual worlds could be an opening to the real world or could be a jail.

View HivaOa_Insoo's home HivaOa_Insoo | 6 year(s) ago


To me a "virtual world" is a social cyberspace where you can meet and socialize with people from around the world. In a virtual world you can RP and let your imagination take control of a character (avatar), but you can also be yourself and meet great people. In my case my virtual world is IMVU. I have met great people there and I met my husband there in 2008. A virtual world gives you the opportunity to learn from other cultures and it can be kind of a school also, it can actually help you to learn and develop skills from other users or groups that specify in certain content like; religion, art, photography, computers, etc. The most important thing is that is a place to have fun and be creative ;)

View Vero1324's home Vero1324 | 6 year(s) ago

I myself find the oculus rift and Sony's new VR the possible way of the new virtual world, hope it comes soon!!

View darrinpeppers's home darrinpeppers | 5 year(s) ago

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