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Welcome to the game! Please post images you would like to encourage others to apply community tags to, and when you have posted, look through the images others have posted, and slap a few tags on them! Please abide by these few simple rules though:

1. No negative or derogatory tags. If you can't think of something relevant and productive to tag with, skip the image. If you are caught negative tagging, you will only be warned once. A second offense will get you kicked from the group. What is considered derogatory? Use your common sense here. If you wish to say that an image conjures dark or negative emotions, that's fine. If you find you want to insult or criticize the creator, then just skip it and say nothing.

2. Relevant, accurate tags only. Adding "Cyber" to a nature pic, or "Sex" to an image of avatars playing baseball is not helpful, and will get you removed friom the group for repeated offenses. Consider what is actually in the image, and what it makes you think or feel. Unusual tags are fine- so long as they are clearly relevant!

3. Tag tag tag! If you want others to do the same for you, then do it!  Don't just submit images without offering a few tags for others. The game just won't work that way!

When you're tagging, remember that this is also a way to comment on an image- a way to tell the creator what you see, both literally and figuratively. A pile of chairs in an empty room might be tagged with Chairs, pile, empty, lonely, futility. (Those are not derogatory, and wouldn't be considered negative tagging). Be creative- but keep it relevent, no matter how esoteric you choose to get!

When choosing images of your own to submit, lean toward images that have not already been heavily tagged. Leave a little room for taggers to work with. If you have images you feel are under-appreciated, or not as noticed as you might like, this is a good way to get them a little extra attention!

Consider also, limiting your submissions, only posting a few, or even 5 or 10, will give others a chance to respond, by tagging, and letting others' images be seen. (Yep- this is in direct response- I'm glad to see a barrage of fresh images, but almost three pages from one member all at once is a bit much ;)  Still, I don't want to limit submissions if I don't have to. Please use your judgement, and remember that if you post too many, your earlier submissions- and the submissions of others- may not be seen, or tagged.)

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Tags are lovely- they add to the interest, or "coolness" factor of an image in KU, tell us a bit about what others may see in our images, and help people who are searching find our pics even when they've fallen way into the back of our galleries. This group asks it's members to submit works they want to encourage others to add tags to, and also asks that they slap some tags on the works of their fellow photogs' and artists' works. No negative tagging, please- negative or derogatory tagging will be grounds for removal from the group. There are no inappropriate images for this group- any and everything you want to get tagged is welcome here!

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