Rules of the contest

- Images must be 850px wide & 315px heigh
- Insert in the image the koinup logo [small - please ;-) ] -
- Use one of the following slogans:

1. Koinup - the best place to share your virtual art
2. Koinup - get the most out of 3d and virtual world creativity

- the Images can't feature nudity or mature contents (even breast or mild nudity is not allowed)
- lanscapes or abstract images will be preferred
- include imagery from virtual worlds and or videogames

- some examples-

- images can't feature call to actions as "click here" - "like this" - "register on this site", etc

- Members have to be member of the group to participate
- Submissions must be submitted to this group
- Members are invited to share their creations, but it's not allowed to create fake profiles in order to increase the number of like and koinup favs

- Winning images will be included in the Koinup Facebook Fanpage
- We will select up-to 3 images (that will be posted in the Koinup timeline in rotation - one month for each image)
- Images with the most higher number of facebook like + koinup favs (cumulative) will be choosen as winning works.

- Koinup is authorized to choose less than 3 images, or even none if the images are not appropriate or otherwise they don't fit the koinup style requirements

style requirement:
1. size of images (as request above)
2. resolution of the image must be congruent with the size of the image

View pier's home pier | 7 year(s) ago

Hello ,why my 3 posts for this contest are rejected??

View KOROL17's home KOROL17 | 7 year(s) ago

I can´t see my uploaded work anymore, too. Is there any reason?
 Greetings FirleFanz

View FirleFanz's home FirleFanz | 7 year(s) ago

 dear Korol17
we rejected only pics that don't fit the guidelines, your images didn't have the correct size

I see a pic of you in the pool...there should be others?

View pier's home pier | 7 year(s) ago

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you'll need to join Koinup timeline Cover on Facebook.

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