The Face of Koinup Contest. Rules and Presentation

Koinup is pleased to announce the Face of Koinup Contest!

The contest is about picking a bunch of images to display in the Koinup Homepage.

We're going to make more interactive and user based the process of getting the images on the front page and so we're welcome all your entries and contribution.

The Koinup top page is getting thousands of views each day, so displaying your images on there, looks like a sort of great opportunity for all of you to get noticed and have your images viewed by tons of people.

Koinup is more and more perceived as a guide/portal for virtual worlds. So, we're trying to build this mood also in the homepage. We invite you to submit images focused on the most interesting things/places/activities you can do in virtual worlds.

Think about the most interesting things, the most beautiful places and most funniest activities you can do in virtual worlds and then take your shots. The focus of the contest is not about the art-process but about capturing the most awesome of the metaverse!

The winning images of the contest will be featured on front page for at least 6 months!

Participants of the contests can submit images taken in all the virtual worlds. There will be at least 5 winners. The entries will be judged by the Koinup Internal Staff

Submission time is from 22th of august to 22th of september

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

Following are some rules, you're invited to follow in order to be eligible for the win

1. Participants can submit upto 5 entries
2. They can submit works already posted on Koinup (it is enought that they add the images to this group pool
3. In order to submit your entries, you have to join this group and add the images to this group
 (click on "add your works", then select the images from the pop-up menu)
4. Photo-editing and manipolation is allowed, but keep the process light, highly manipolated images won't be eligible for the win. Try to focus on contents not editing....

View pier's home pier | 10 year(s) ago

Hi pier- just a quick question, I see 2 dates for the deadline. This page notes it as Sept. 22 and this page ( ) says Sept. 30...which one is correct? Thanks!! Pony

View PonyMeredith's home PonyMeredith | 10 year(s) ago

Pony, sorry for the delay, the deadline was yestarday
hope you got your time for entering.....

View pier's home pier | 10 year(s) ago

did you chose winning pics yet pier? not seen any notices thanks :)

View sweetsmilingmerlin's home sweetsmilingmerlin | 10 year(s) ago

yes, the winning images are already on the frontpage
announcement is here:

View pier's home pier | 10 year(s) ago

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