Lufthansa Refund Policy

Know Lufthansa Refund Policy Before You Cancel Flight Tickets

Lufthansa Airlines agrees to the fact that changes are inevitable and changes in plans can happen anytime. For this, if you have booked a flight on Lufthansa Airlines, you need to make a flight cancellation. To make it easier for you the airline provides you an online flight cancellation option. Not only this but also, on canceling a flight you can get a full refund for your flight cancellation.

But before you initiate the cancellation process and request a refund, there are a few things that you should know. And this post is going to tell you very important points on the Lufthansa refund policy. So go through these pointers thoroughly.

How Can I Get a Full Refund for Lufthansa Airlines Flight Cancellation?

A passenger can make the flight cancellation any time before 24 hours of your flight departure.
The refund and cancellation of a flight ticket depend on the type of flight ticket you have purchased.
Also, as per the Lufthansa refund policy, there will be no cancellation charges when a person cancels a flight ticket within 24 hours of its purchase.
Moreover, if you have made the flight reservations through the Lufthansa Airlines website or office, your refund request will be updated and refund will happen automatically. Whereas, on making flight bookings through a travel agent, you have to contact the agency.
Once you request a refund when your flight ticket is eligible for it and on accepting the refund request you will require to wait for 2 to 3 working days to get a refund.
Additionally, the refund amount will be returned through the same mode of payment by which the payment was done also in the same currency. However, it may take a bit longer time if you don't pay in euros for purchasing a flight ticket.

Aside from this, if you have any questions about Lufthansa cancellation or its refund policy, the airline provides a reservation support number where your all queries will be resolved instantly.

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