How To Reset Windows 7 Password

Reset Windows 7 Password

Resetting password frequently can help you to secure your account and also help to protect it from hacking. Windows provide very easy way to reset the password. Read the below ways in order to rest the password without nay hassle.

How To Reset Windows 7 Password?
Follow the below steps in order to reset the password in very simple and easy way

• User need to first insert the Windows 7 installation DVD or a Windows 7 System Repair disc into your drive the start computer again. Flash drive will work as well.
• Once the computer gets restored from the disc or flash drive, choose the Next on the screen with help of language and keyboard choices.
• Then choose to Repair your computer.
• User will need to wait till the Windows 7 installation is situated on the computer.
• When the installation will be found, jolt down the drive letter in the Location column. Most Windows 7 password reset installations will display D but it might be different for you.
• Now tap on Windows 7 from the Operating System list and then hit next.
• From System Recovery Options, press on Command Prompt.
• When the command prompt will be open, execute two commands, and press enter for both.
• Remove the disc or flash drive and then restart your computer.
• You can close Command Prompt and select Restart but it's also okay in this situation to restart using your computer's restart button.
• Once the Windows 7 sign in screen get displayed situate the little icon on the bottom-left in the shape of pie
• Execute the command and replace it with myusername with and mypassword then close the command.
• Sign in with your new password!
• Create a new password and now user can easily log in with the newly generated password.

These were the following steps to reset the password in Windows 7. If more details are required on Reset windows 7 password then contact the customer care number or visit the website for more updates regarding same.

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