How To Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password

 Here,a few steps to follow if you wants to know how to reset windows 10 administrator password-

• First attempt to enter your password,if you enter incorrect password then click “i forgot my password” .Your password reset only works if you have a microsoft account.You have to make sure that caps lock is turned off.
• Check your internet connection and then enter your email address or phone number into the cortana pulls up for user.Then cortana can assist any complex processes,like initial setups and reset windows 10 password.
• Then check for the code ,then enter it into the field on your computer.You will have to enter your verification code from your phone onto your computer,in case your two-factor authentication enabled.
• Enter the new password , make sure you select a strong password for better safety and then re-enter it.
• To check if you succeed ,then sign in again with the new password.

So.these are instructions given above for “ how to reset windows 10 password”.By following these steps you can easily reset your windows 10 password.
If you’ve facing any issues regarding password resetting process and need an assistance,then you can contact the microsoft tech support team online.You can chat with a virtual agent and can send your query and they will give you instant solution.

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