How To Change Forgot Gmail Password

Whether You Need To Change or Reset Google Account Password? Get All The Information Here.

Google is the most popular search engine which has surprised with its services delivering every possible service making day to day life easier. Apart from developing and evolving exponentially, it provides complete support to its users when they encounter any kind of issue while accessing Google services. From search engine to cloud storage services (Google Drive), it is delivering every single service that a user can think of.

Besides, to access all its services a user needs Google account and through a single Google account, one can avail all its products and services. But what if a user forgets the password? What should a user do in that case? Well, this issue can be resolved by simply resetting the Google account password. Most importantly, if you forgot Gmail password and looking out for some information that can help you in Google account recovery, then, you should perform the steps mentioned in this article.

How Would You Recover Your Google Account Password if You Forget it?

1. First and foremost, the thing you should do is going to the Google account password recovery page.

2. There you should fill in the Google account address and click on the Next option.

3. Thereafter, you need to enter the last remember password of your Google account or else, click 'Try another way' option.

4. Consequently, you would see options to recover Google account password either using a recovery email address option or phone number.

Google Password Recovery Through Email;

Once you select the email address for recovery, you will get a password reset link on your email address, click that link. And it will redirect you to the password reset page. And you need to create the new password, retype the password, click the Save Changes option.

Google Password Recovery Through The Phone Number;

On selecting the phone number, a verification code will be sent to the phone number linked to your Google account via text message. Also, you need to provide the code in the provided space. Further, you will see the option to create a new password, confirm the password, retype the password. Lastly, you will require to save the changes by clicking the Save Changes option.

In this way, you would recover your Google account password. Moreover, it is always suggested that a user should change the Google password after a certain period of time so that unwanted infiltration can be stopped. Also, you want to change Gmail password, you can follow the given steps.

How Would You Change The Gmail Account Password?

1. Firstly, open the Gmail app on your mobile.

2. There you should click on the Menu option.

3. After that, select the Settings option and go to the Gmail account.

4. Moreover, click on the 'Manage Your Google' account.

5. Further, swipe left to reach the Security section.

6. Additionally, select the password section and enter your current password.

7. Consequently, create a new password and confirm the password.

8. Lastly, you should click the ‘Change Password’ option.

This is how you would be able to change your Gmail account password without much of a stretch. Moreover, while performing the above steps, you encounter any kind of problem or you have any other query which is troubling you and not letting you access your Google account. Then you should contact Gmail support number to get instant customer service from the experts.

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