Google Voice Search Not Working on iPhone

Learn how to fix if Google Voice Search not working on iPhone:

Google is associated with a number of features and services to entertain its users on a daily basis. A Google voice is perfect for everyone as it serves most of the users in a good from easily. Google is also associated with its Gmail email account and services which is quite free to use as a significant webmail account service every day. If you want to understand the user of Google voice search not working on your device, it will be important to know that you can search the stuffs by just verbally saying anything. If you are using your Google Voice search on your iPhone device, you can use it as the same as you were using on your Android device.

If you find something wrong with your Google not working on iPhone, you can start to check out the settings of Google service that you are using on your iPhone device. Sometimes this kind of problem happens when you are not able to understand the simple concept of using Google voice search on your Apple device due to different options that are necessary to fix at the right time.

Following are the ways to fix if Google Voice Search not working on iPhone device:

• At first, turn on your iPhone device and then go to the settings to select the Google Voice Search app showing on the home page.
• You need to make sure that your Google search is on and then reboot your device if it is not working.
• It is important to select the OK Google option and press the enable button and enter the correct email address and password to make save change finally.

So when you want to get this issue fixed, you try to reboot your phone, make sure the assistant is enabled, and that your device support is working fine. For further help, do contact our tech support team is on at 24 by 7.

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