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Hello my friends!!!
First of all, I ask all of you sorry for my long absence. I had some serious RL problems so I wasn't able to go on with the charge of this nice group.
Well, now I'm back and I want a new start ^___^

I wanted to restore the Monthly Contest for the Group Avatar, but I discovered that while I was away you dears contibuted the group with tons of great images. This filled me with happiness, but now it's quite impossible to vote the best monthly work as we did at the beginnin.
So I got an idea :P
Let's read it!!!

1 - Every month I'll open a new topic for the contest and I'll please you to link us there one of your work that you'll like to see as Group Avatar.
2 - You will be allowed to link one work per month, so choose carefully :P
3 - The picture you select must have been posted on Koinup in the month that you choose for the contest (for exemple, if the contest is February '10 Evocative Landscape Contest, your pic must have been pubblished on Koinup during February '10). We will not consider images with wrong post time.
4 - Remember that the winner image will be resized to fill a 200x200 image (this is the Koinup standard icon size). This means that all the images that can easily reduced in square form without losing their whole beauty, along with all the images that will preserve their articulateness and explicitness in the new size will be of course advantaged during the Contest selection phases.So, take this in mind when you choose among your works the one you want to submit us!
5 - The Contest committee is composed by me and my two group Moderators, Arowhena and Lookatmyback. We will pic every month an image, trying to change author, in order to give everyone the possibility to represent our group on Koinup Group page ^__^
6 - Enjoy it!!!

Feel free to post here any comment and any question about the Contest!

View Morgana_le_fay's home Morgana_le_fay | 11 year(s) ago

this is a great idea! thanks for organising it!

View LoquaciaLoon's home LoquaciaLoon | 11 year(s) ago

Ty so much, LoquaciaLoon ^____^
Hope you'll join the contest with one of your nice work :)

View Morgana_le_fay's home Morgana_le_fay | 11 year(s) ago

Love this idea! now to find an landscape :s

View AnotherNeko's home AnotherNeko | 11 year(s) ago

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