JamhotMedia #1 in EntropiaUniverse

JamhotMedia has been providing free entertainment in many forms inside EntropiaUniverse for 3 years.

We have a makeshift Nightclub in NewOxford!

Club '3G'
BilltonTowers 1
New Oxford

We have an ingame TV Channel whereby people can get sets activated in their own virtual properties Apts/Shops/Hangars/Hairdressers/Land Areas ... hell we have one Outside Emerald Lakes Mall!!!

We also promote music in Entropia Universe via JamhotRecords making available music videos for sale for peoples Displays by entropian musicians and some RL ones too.

Also we have the Saturday residency on the most famous virtual Nightclub in the world!!! Featured in the guinness book of records , mixmag, nbc, bcc, The Independent. Owned by RL Cult Movie maker and Musician , Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs. Join us on ClubNEVERDIE every saturday night where the JamhotRadio crew will keep you entertained into the wee small hours!

We will also be covering all major events via JamhotTV in EntropiaUniverse and JamhotRadio as we have done for years now. We have a fine roster of events.

Entropia Universe World Championship Boxing 2009 brought to you by Oleg McMullery of EntropianEvents.

Amethera Cup 2009 (continent specific hunting event) brought to you by Harald the Viking

Champions League 2009 - Brought to you by Klodvig Klod Malkord and Violet Vi Neomir (season1 just finished season2 starts after VU.10 now, August is penned in I think. )

Saturday Night Fever on ClubNEVERDIE - brought to you by Lillith Desdimona and NBK Entrepreneurs.

Battle Royale 2009 (*virtual remake of the film, not acted *played out)- brought to you by Leona Cat Srelliw, hoping this is going to be a yearly thing. Also there is a novella written about this an awesome read , and I'm in it weeee! :)

Which brings me to our latest venture, (*phew we sure are a busy lot!) JamhotRadio
which will be launched on July the 18th on ClubNEVERDIE!! We have a roster of excellent DJ's who have experience in most virtual worlds, but well, just really really love EntropiaUniverse! :)

We're also sometimes featured on the great show that represents our METAVERSE community 'Life on Line'

So thats a little about the JamhotMedia Group. You can visit JamhotTelevision site @


e-mail - JamhotTV@hotmail.co.uk

all the best,


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JamhotMedia #1 in EntropiaUniverse
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