Describe EU to a non EU'r! :D

Well like the title says if you had to explain EntropiaUniverse to a non EU'r what would you say?
I know we've all been there with our friends/work collegues/family looking back at us blank faced wondering what we're talking about.

Tell us your story! :)


View Jamhot's home Jamhot | 10 year(s) ago

OK how to describe EU to non EU'rs . . . . .

EU is a virtual universe started out as just 1 virtual planet called Calypso. In the near future there will be arriving more planets for all players to explore. EU has a Real Cash Economy which means you can put in and get out real money, this will give you the opportunity got actually make real money in the game. But don't be fooled, it is not easy to make money in the game, just like it is not easy to make money in the real world.

Because of this Real Cash Economy the average player is older than in the other MMORPG's out there and my experience is that this is a good thing. Less kids running around doing annoying things and the chance to actually have a conversation. Of course there is also the opportunity to have a absolute retarded conversation about nothing at all. Up until now the player base is not that big, but most players are very loyal to the game and are willing to help new players with advise whenever possible.

At first the game can be a bit confusing and boring especially if you expect to be an uber player within a year, but once you get past that and made some friends, the game is very fun.

View RAZER's home RAZER | 10 year(s) ago

You know computer games yeah?
Well imagine there's this great game in which you can run around on an Alien Planet full of crazy creatures, and hunt them and kill them, which is alot of fun...
Now imagine that sometimes these creature drop useful stuff when they die, from animal skins, to wool, or maybe even armour and weapons. Some of this stuff can be sold and some can be used to make even better stuff. Getting better and better stuff means you're able to kill bigger and better creatures, which drop more stuff etc...
Now imagine that Thousands of other people play the game too, at the same time, and you can fully interact with them, make friends, meet up and hunt together etc...
And now imagine that the money you can build up in the game by looting and selling Stuff is REAL. That's right, REAL MONEY. Do well and you can Actually take the money Out.
That's EU mate. Upfrit?
Cool, here's the Website address...

View Chopper's home Chopper | 10 year(s) ago

Heres the approach I had on the games convention and people seemed to understand it quite well:

The thing that makes Entropia Universe most special is the RCE, the Real-Cash-Economy.
So you have heard of Second Life maybe and you also know World of Warcraft, now imagine a mixture of both but set in a Sciene-Fiction environment.
Its a regular game but very open, you have professions you can pursue, like hunting, crafting, mining and more exotic ones like hairdressing, body sculpting and a lot more.
Because everything represents real values you won't have easy successes like with other games, in fact Entropia is very difficult to master, but if you have successes they are worth real money.
What I can say is that most other games seem very easy after playing Entropia.

Also the good thing is that Entropia has no monthly fixed costs, so if you want to use it as an overblown 3D chat environment, well you have that at no costs.
You can just register and try it out without having to deposit.
Its up to you when, how much and for what purpose you deposit.

Some people buy nicer clothes or let their avatar be altered by beauticians.
Others buy expensive gear or even skills to take a shortcut in unlocking new weapons or tools.
There are even people that never deposited and worked their way up by starting with gaining some small amounts of money from the very difficult to get free stuff.
With that and some good trading skills they made ever bigger trades,
but to do that well one needs a lot of patience and has to be pretty good in trading.

So if you like a Sci-Fi environment, just sign up as its free to try it out :)

View Pirx-Danford's home Pirx-Danford | 10 year(s) ago

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