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Koinup is pleased to invite you to join the Cyber Photo Contest! The first Koinup competition entirely dedicated to scifi and cyber culture!

The contest is about taking pics with scifi and cyber/alien/futuristic themes and post them here on the Cyber Photo Contest group!


With the help of BlackMamba and BladeRunnerSPN1977 Sands, owners of the BladeRunners sims in Second Life, we created a list of some sci-fi and cyberpunk sims!

Both in Second Life and in other virtual worlds.

Heroes and Villains
Fort Orion (Halo Roleplay)

BladeRunner City

You can also have a look at the Koinup Places Directory for suggestions on scifi places

(if you know other scifi sims, don't exhitate to suggest them in this thread)

The contest is about creating/shooting images conveing cyber themes. Need some example of cyber themes? All the Sci-fi, Aliens, Dystopian, "Futuristic Blade Runner like" and postapocalyptic images are appropriate for the category.

The panel of judges will pick 6 winning entries and the 1st absolute winner!

The 6 winning photos, plus the 1st absolute winner, will be showcased in the BladeRunner Sim, where BlackMamba and BladeRunnerSPN1977 Sands, that are kindly sponsoring the contest, will give us the chance to setup an exhibition with the winning artwork of the contests!

The 1st absolute winner will also get 10.000L$ kindly provided by BlackMamba and BladeRunnerSPN1977 Sands

Two categories are eligible for the win: avatars and sceneries


You can submit your entries from today, 19th of december to 10th of january. Winners will be announced on 13th of january.

Any participant can submit upto 5 entries

The winning works will be picked a by a panel of judges made up by the New World Notes journalist Hamlet Au , the Koinup Blog Editor Poid Mahovlich and the author of the Insilico Second Life Sim Skills Hak

Need some further info? Why not having a look at Wikipedia for Cyberpunk, Dystopia, Post Apocalyptic

The 1st absolute winner will get a 10.000L$ prize (sponsored by the owners of the BladeRunner Sims)

The 6winning works (plus the absolute winner) will be showcased in a collective exhibition hosted in the Second Life sim BladeRunner City

The contest has been possible thanks to the Second Life developers and Sim owners Blackmamba and BladeRunnerSPN1977 Sands

Blackmamba and BladeRunnerSPN1977 Sands are the owners of the Second Life BladeRunner City

View pier's home pier | 11 year(s) ago

4 more locations in Second Life for taking cool cyber shots:
Hangars Liquides

View Blackmamba's home Blackmamba | 11 year(s) ago

Hi. Where do we submit the photos?

View Kleos's home Kleos | 11 year(s) ago

hey Kleos
you have to upload photos on koinup, then add to this group
in order to add here, you can click on " add works" in the group homepage

View pier's home pier | 11 year(s) ago

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