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Welcome to Art Box !

Created by AdvancedVirtual on 10/04/2009 2.18
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About Art Box

Some of the most instantly recognisable photographs and paintings in the world - starring your Avatar?!
How is that possible?

We provide the tools, you re-invent the art.

And what tools we have for you! At the time of posting we have some of the most instantly recognisable images in the world, all re-created in full 3D (no shoddy simple backdrops in this set up!) together with a crate of props specific to each artwork. Things to wear or hold that help emulate what's happening in the original artwork. Here are some of the works your avatar can gate crash:

The Scream (Munch)
Nighthawks (Hopper)
Quotes (Warhol)
American Gothic (Wood)
Dream caused by the flight of a Bee around a Pomegranite (Dali)
Christina's World (Wyeth)
- and as they say, many more...

and with more added every week, there's something for everone.

What will you do? A Naked version of classic artworks? A Neko version? Something stranger than anyone can anticipate? Go for it! Just remember to share your results here - ok!

Search in world for 'ART BOX' and see you in the Klaw sim.

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Take a look around the Art Box Website.
Art Box

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The Art Box Koinup Group is a place to showcase what you achieved with the tools available at Art Box. 'Art Box' is an immersive art gallery that recreates famous paintings and photographs in great 3D detail, so your Avatar can star in them. We provide everything you need, from the detailed set to the props (if needed), and of course the poses. You dress, compose, frame and take the photos: for Koinup, for Flickr, for your profile, for your blog - or anywhere you can think of. We give you the playground, you re-invent the art. Art Box SLURL

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