Rules of the Virtual Diversity Contest

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General Rules
1.The participants can submit only a picture
2. The submissions must represent an avatar (it could be a self-portrait or a portrait of friend)
3. All the virtual worlds avatars can be displayed in the pictures
4. If you're not satisfied about your submission you can remove from the pool and post a new one.
5. Only the images displayed in the pool at the end of submission time will be eligible for the win

Content Guidelines
1. Nudes are not allowed (even mild nudes  won't be eligible for the win and they could be removed from the pool by the admins)
2. The images could represent closeups or full body (it's your choice)
3. The representation of violence or offensive subjects is not allowed

Submission Time
1. The Submission time will go from 28th of march to 19th of april
2. The runners-up and winner will be announced on 26th of april


1. All the entries will be judged by a pool of judges made up by Luca Spoldi, journalist and author of the magazine: Mondi Virtuali , Roxelo Babenco, owner and founder of the Metaverse Art Organization: Museo del Metaverso and Paolo Valente, founder of the Second Life Art Organization Uqbar.
2. A pool of "15" Runners-up Submissions will be selected for a special exhibition at the Museo del Metaverso Gallery (the dates of the exhibition are not yet scheduled, they will be announced asap)
3. The absolute winner - along with the exhibition  - will be featured in a special editorial on the magazine Mondi Virtuali (the editorial will include a special interview)

Judging Criteria (update)

The judges will choose the winner and runnerups based upon a couple of criteria: the aesthetics of the representation and the originality/uniqueness of tha avatar.
So, basically this contest is about both the ability to make a good picture and the originality of the avatar

View pier's home pier | 9 year(s) ago

cool, i like to participate - This is very inspiring :)
I blog it here

View meerkat's home meerkat | 9 year(s) ago

sounds very good! meerkat, I'll review all the press in the next blogpost
look forward to your entries, too!

View pier's home pier | 9 year(s) ago

Pier, is there anywhere inworld a place where all these compositions can be seen?

View Avia's home Avia | 9 year(s) ago

yes, there will be an exhibition both in Second Life and Opensim, with the winners and runnersup
we're scheduling the dates. Announcements are upcoming...

View pier's home pier | 9 year(s) ago

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