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THURSDAYS - Event currently on hiatus. We will return soon.
"Postcards from the Edge (of SL)" A Group Photography & Music Party

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Music/Emcee: Doubledown Tandino
brought to you by Koinup & Ravelong Productions

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About Postcards from the Edge (of SL) - A Koinup Event

Thursdays - currently on hiatus.
Previous May 2009 event info below:

"Postcards from the Edge (of SL)"

A Virtual Photography
& Music Party
@ ALEXANDER BEACH :: Beach/128/128/28
in Second Life
“Postcards from the Edge (of SL)”
is a weekly event enticing and inspiring us all to take virtual world snapshots in a group setting on the stunning aesthetic Alexander Beach, a Princeton University inSL Sim designed by Scope Cleaver

People are encouraged to come to the event, and photograph the magnificent sim;
the buildings, architecture, people, wildlife, while displaying our collective pics on Koinup.
Weekly photo themes. Photo Contents. The "Find-it from the photo" game. and more

DJ Doubledown Tandino mixes up the blend of electronica, house, fusion, broken beat, and world beat tunes, while everyone is invited to photograph the surroundings.

Updates on the Blog: Second Life- Music, DJs, Nightlife, art, & Creativity
Twitter: @Doubledown_inSL
At Alexander Beach inSL
Music/Emcee: Doubledown Tandino
Host: Maryjoanne Sideways
brought to you by Koinup, & Ravelong Productions

Postcards from the Edge (of SL) - A Koinup Event

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Postcards from the Edge (of SL) - A group photography and music party.

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