I would just like to give a brief discription of this group for those that dont understand what a Drow is. and for the sake of digging to deep I will just include this simple discription :)

*this inset is from: Wikipedia, Drow (Dungeons & Dragons)
Drow society is primarily matriarchal, with priestesses of their evil spider goddess Lolth (Lloth in the drow tongue) in the highest seats of power. Males are considered inferior to females within drow society, and while some males may be respected if they are powerful wizards (notably exemplified by Gromph Baenre), they are never allowed to rule. The drow sometimes use their dark arts to turn humanoid slaves into living sculptures.

There are exceptions to the rule, of course. Some communities of drow worship other gods (like Vhaeraun or Eilistraee), and thus, their hierarchy changes, reverses the roles of males and females, or (such as in the case of Eilastree) even approaching something like a workable, progressive society.

I will remove any photo that does not include a Drow ... sorry but this is a beautiful virtual Artistic Race of beings and its interpretation by our artists is worth collecting in one group.

Virtualy, I myself am a follower of Eilastree. Being a surface Drow I want all to get along, and be warmed by the light..... but I think there is a bit of Loth in me still, as I feel a twinge of turning humans into sculptures *evil laugh* ....if they appear here with out drow :)

Dortho l'yibin, gareth, grateful, lu'churlish esaph. Tlu zuch valyrin, dormagyn wun xonathull xuil verin

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Please do not take it personal if you find your pieces removed... All photos need to be Drow because this is a family of strange underground beauty .. either still in the underdark or surfaced Drow ... only Drow! :)

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