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Who is Elicio Ember? What is Cerridwen's Cauldron? While the pictures might offer some idea of the style and beauty Elicio has added to the Second Life grid, there are many deeper levels to be found. What little I have gathered is that he is an artist and sometime marine biologist from Mexico, and that his love of nature and conservation run very deep. Beyond that, and the marvels that he shares, I wouldn't presume to know more, but instead encourage members and visitors of this group to visit his home sim in Second Life here: Cauldron/168/112/124
as well as his web blog, here:
He also has a presence in the SL Marketplace, which can be found here:

Annnnd- He's deeply involved in Fantasy Faire again this year!  Can't WAIT to see the new builds... Less than a week away!
For an interview with Elicio from last year at Fantasy Faire 2012, you can click here:

And be sure to drop by his website at the link above!

I would very much encourage everyone to include a SLurl to the locations of your images in the Places Project as you upload, whenever possible, to make it easier for others to visit! This is not required, of course, but if the location is not a private area, KoinUppers do love to go visiting pic sites!

And in support of the real natural world and environment, I recommend -a website and social network which encourages dialogue about ways to help the world, and everything (and everyone!) in it! In addition to their forums and discussions, Care2 makes available a donate-by-click network, which gives money and support to countless wonderful causes based on simple click-throughs. Your mouseclick could save a whole species!


It's that time again- Fantasy Faire V, 2013!
Come check out Elicio's FF V installations, and don't forget- TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES and of course, send them HERE!

Bearing that in mind, I would like to take a moment to remind everyone of a few common-sense fair-going practices: First, trim down the scripts you wear as much as you can. If you can't bear to go bald, or to wear only a hairbase, at the least turn off the scripts in your hair. If your viewer has a built-in AO option, this is an excellent way to reduce scripts without having to walk like a duck. Also, while it is true that sim performance is harmed more by scripts than by prims, this doesn't mean it's a good time to pile on as many as you can. Actual sim performance doesn't care much about prims, but each person at the fair has a limit to what their computer can handle rezzing at one time. Everyone comes to the fair to look at the neat builds, and the shops, and new products- not to oggle your awesome new werewolf or pixie, and the less you wear, the kinder you are to all of us po' folks with weak sad little computers who want to enjoy the fair too. That said, full-body alphas make simplicity a breeze! You can come as a hat. or a flower, or a shimmering gemstone... and only take up one prim, and no scripts at all!   Enjoy the fair- and be kind, both to the sim, and the others around you. :) 

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New Cerridwen's Cauldron Website!

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A place for fans and supporters of Elicio Ember and Cerridwen's Cauldron to share their experiences with his wonderous creations. Only images taken At Elicio's installations and/or of his creations as they are shown in other sims will be permitted. With respect to the artist, please do not share images of Elicio's paintings, to help protect his images from web theft. Inappropriate images will be removed without apology or explanation.

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