Recent News Last updated on 05/12/2010

'CHRISTMAS AT CALAS' now open through the Holidays.   We've turned four of the sims to winter for the Holiday Season, making the Destination Guide under Winter Activites.  Besides the skating , horses, sleds and horse drawn sleghs from last year, we have a skating and cross country ski tours that will take you across the four winter sims. (watch out for the sim crossings ;)  We promise an SL Christmas season as only Calas can do it....Have fun and be sure to share your photo's..Thanks   Ty & Truck, owners

Other news:   The salt water marsh sim .. GULF OF LUNE .. made it's own Destination Guide listing under Nature & Parks, which surprised and pleased both of us.

'JEEPERS CREEPERS @ CALAS GALADHON' .. our Halloween build is now open

One enters thought a Crypt found in the Old Town Park, which has been replaced temporarily with what we are calling 'the gate' to the main build.  Once the Crypt is found you will find a TP to the Underworld ;) Expect all the beauty & detail you've come to expect at Calas......just a bit ...ummm...darker :))  Have fun.


Truck and I have just extended the ‘Salt Marsh’ at the west end of the park to encompass a full region of marsh grassland & waterways to explore and wildlife to explore ... creating another unique environment at the Showcase CALAS GALADHON PARK Estate.

One can navigate the waterways by canoe or any of the small boats located around the park (we have just placed a row boat near the bridge to 'LUNE" , on the Dimril Dale side) as well on horseback or by foot.

Either way , We think you are going to find this new region one of the most beautiful and peaceful destinations at ‘CALAS’. As with all of the now 9 sims in the Park, cuddles and soon to be placed Intan slow dance balls will be found.- This will prove to be another SL Photographers favorite! I'm posting some recent photos of the sim ... we hope to see you soon.

Also, be sure to check out the recent changes on  main sim, Calas Galadhon herself ... and on Dimril Dale.  We have added glass conservatories to both .... new dance & cuddle venues for our guests.  We did have to take down the old Pavillion when trying to conserve prims on Calas...but you will find the new conseratory and gazebo in that area just as beautiful.

Come by and see the latest !

Best wishes, Tymus Tenk & Truck Meredith


Truck and I wanted to let our friends know first that we have added two new sims to CALAS GALADHON. ARMENELOS is a beautiful greek style 'Santorini' build that sits on an island to the north of GREY HAVENS. The build, created by our friend, and master SL builder, Bora Rossini , will be another favorite for our visitors and guests to explore. Twelve separate small homes accessed by winding stairs and passage ways...each furnished with the careful detail that you can expect at Calas. As with all of the park...there are no tenants, so all of the homes are open to explore.

MISTY MOUNTAINS is the second new sim we've added ... with the feel of MIRROMERE ... an extension to the north ... only more wilderness. I think its really some of my best work as a landscaper/terraform in SL and am looking forward to sharing it.

I'm not an SL photographer ... just a gardener .. but I'll post some photos to give you an idea of what we are working on.

We will have a 'Preview' for ARMENELOS this Friday, June 25th. The grand opening for both should be around the second week of July. We are working hard to get both sims ready by then and hope you'll come by and visit.

Thanks again to all of you for the beautiful photographs of Calas!


Though we still have a few tweaks in the plans, the Calas Caverns on the north side of the Mirromere sim are now officially open. ;)  We hope you'll find them as nice and as fun to go through as we have.  As I've often told visitors who have seen them so far, 'Truck wanted Disneyland, I wanted to keep it in line with the 'natural' feeling of the sims ...we compromised"  Seriously we are both really happy with the results so far.  For a particularly amazing experience, be sure to turn it to midnight and boat through from the north side entrance (near the Tea House ( prev. cabin near the water) .  You will find a row boat there if you've hiked or rode over from Calas. 

As with all our efforts on the sims, we encourage you to share your observations, critique and suggestions. We listen to them appreciatively & take them seriously ;)  And keep the great photos coming.  Thanks , Ty & Truck

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