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Breven Bog, along with it's forests, plains, and crags, is a primordial, volcanic land, warmed from deep beneath the ground by steam vents, hot springs, and sulfurous mud pools. It is a land rich and diverse, sometimes dangerous, sometimes heartwarming, always beautiful. There are ruins of varying ages here, attesting to the realm's agelessness and perpetual change. Even in the heart of winter, steam drifts from the pools and streams, and life thrives, in countless forms.


Breven is my developing and all consuming passion- it is constantly evolving as I discover new landsape designers and new techniques for crafting the land around me, and it is also open to the (adult) public. This realm is what I call a Paradigm Nexus- a place where many realities meet at the edges, and welcomes guests from all the realms. The "Rules" of my sim are very simple, and come down simply to "Dont be an asshat, and don't force me to be one either." In fact, Breven has it's own resident asshat, who is empowered to pummel, shame, push, grief, and ban anyone who behaves with disrespect toward the sim. ;)  Most of the time, Linden damage is enabled over the majority of the realm, and there are dangers which may befall you here. If you encounter someone whose paradigm is not your own, remember, you are in a nexus. Werewolves and vampires, space cowboys, steampunks, ancient tribal warriors, slaves and masters and mistresses of Gorean and other influence... any and all are welcome. If someone else's paradigm confuses you, IC'ly, then enjoy the confusion. If someone else's play disturbs you OOC'ly, then simply IM them and tell them you are not interested in playing with them, then ignore them. If they harrass you, feel free to file a report with me, and with LL, and they will be dealt with accordingly. 

You will find few if any poseballs on my sim. There are some poses within various rocks, trees, and furniture, but poseballs are ugly, and anyone who's been in SL for a while has a way to use their own poses. When rezzing is enabled, which is relatively often, I ask only that guests clean up after themselves. We do have griefings- we're in Zindra. If you find the sim is being griefed, please let me know and it will be handled promptly.

Critically: This is ZINDRA. There IS adult content on my land, and this is not discouraged! Nudity is acceptable (though it may attract the attention of the resident asshat, so use it appropriately, and at your own risk!) Sex happens. Violence happens. Violent sex sometimes happens, too. Because of this, I ask that only adults visit the sim, and that they only come here while wearing adult avatars. (Furries and tinies are acceptable- so long as they behave as adults.) Linden Labs takes this very seriously, and so do I. If you are found in a child avi, or a tiny who expresses themselves as a child, you will be asked to leave. non-compliance will lead to a boot and a ban. Sorry to be a hard ass, but I value my SL, and would rather not have it compromised!.

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Breven, home of Breven Bog, and of Senjata Witt! It's a primordial swampland, constantly evolving, beautiful and sometimes dangerous! Visitors beware- damage is enabled, and the law of the land is hunt, or be hunted! ONLY Pictures taken in Breven Please!

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