Impressions about using Moviestorm

I've being using the demo of Moviestorm for a week or so, learning how to use it. My impressions are pretty good: easy to learn, functional interface that allows an effective working process. I managed to produce a couple of short machinima using only the basic contents. There is probably margin for improvements on the quality of the output, but all in all it seems a very good software to make machinima.

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Hi Lorisrizzo and welcome, I am also relatively new to Moviestorm joining Feb of this year. Before Moviestorm I had never even entertained the idea of filmaking.... it's all very new to me but I really enjoy it!

For me it's the whole package... amazing program that the company is genuinely striving to improve on a daily basis... fantastic, friendly and speedy community support both from Moviestorm Users and Moviestorm Staff.

There is also the opportunity to support the modding community with new and exciting ideas/mods... with amazing support again, from both the Modders & Moviestorm Staff...

There are many facets to using the Moviestorm... and always a positive challenge around the corner.... I am really pleased you are enjoying your experience too.

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I've been producing machinima for 3 years using The Movies Stunts & Effects, a good program with several limitations. Moviestorm allows a good control of the characters, even if probably the business model isn't right for what I do. Real filmmaking is way too expensive, there're interesting perspectives for machinima. Thanks for your comments and take care.

View lorisrizzo's home lorisrizzo | 8 year(s) ago

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