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At the other day I bought the skin, and decided to make a portrait! it was like what I want to do with no reasons.


My philosophy:

Q: Will it look like a .photography in the end?
My SL art philosophy considers second life photo processing as a mix between a 3d art and handcraft art. For a reason second life is a 3d environment, so the light and shades on 3d meshes is a machine calculations, which is not like photography at all. in photography You take a photo from real life, and universe is more complex than computers.
.Then if one will add photo processing like how we will do here, it will come under the respect of craftsmanship of illustration art ( to visualize things ) and painting as well.

Q:What do I plan to do?
I made a visual plan ( visual phrase ) .. I will make the viewer to think at first second of seeing my art as it is a photography at the scanability phase, but after he start to check it in details he will figure out it is based on secondlife.

This is the aim of my share in the contest: to confuse the viewer for a bit thinking if it is real or not real, then to let him know by himself that it is a SL photo. yes I know, but I am a weirdo lol


The Chiaroscuro came as an opposite of sfumato. Here You are a good link to tell more information:

Chiaroscuro is a resemblance of candle lighting in a dark room, As You see in Rembrandt painting that his skin is really having warmer tunes than normal.. as skin doesn't reflect light in real life that much, but this deformation of light reflection against a deformation of dark values in his painting is what creates the following:
1.considered a way to create realism from that time and then.
2.Creates a dramatic effect.
3.It shows skin tunes against materials in a very well manner, even while skin tunes are really under heavy deformation .. which is not usual for photographer to see with normal models unless You are in theater..

That is all to make an illusion for the eye to feel as if:
The hero of the painting/ the subject of the painting is the light source of the painting itself!

And to leave the idea of copying nature as exactly as it is, in craftsmanship it is impossible, David Robert the leader of neoclassicism thought of that, but when Delacroix had passed through that he told us there is a great impossibility for artist to make anything as exactly as how nature look, You will make a deformation without even You can tell, he picked the mistakes that Robert did, and then the idea of Delacroix has affected his use of color .. like how he was adding some red tunes to portraits to increase the dramatic effect in this lighting system. This is something the painter can do, but photographer can't.


While we talk very theoretical, let's look now at how I made the light source, and You saw already I didn't use white as a light color, I wanted to get the close color to candle. We have here a chart found on web tells us how to set the Chiaroscuro lighting style.

make it transparent too.. oh and the pose stand I use is a free one with 174 poses, You can im me any time to get it.

A good note to tell here is that, second life never brings light as real, it looses some lighting layers, which we will build in photo shop!


I have taken many screen shots, but which one is the best?

It is very important here to tell what layout You will use, more important than You can imagine.. I will take only one of them to crop and start working on.


Any one view Your art, design, layout what ever, normally s/he views it in 2 steps: scanability, then the normal checking.

That means the viewer is moving first in Your canvas by his eyes, in a specific direction, and at that processes the viewer is trying to get some basic information.. like what is this? is there some writings to read? is there photos? etc. this processes is taking as I guess about a second! then the user may close the browser, or may just decide to give your art more time to check.

What I wanted the user to get at this phase is: It is real! and because of that he will check it out to see in few more seconds that it is just a second life photo.

A good scanability layout is important here .. and to get through this .. I will ask You to look at the 3 empty papers with red dot inside them, at A, B, C..

At A the dot is at the top middle of the page, at B, the dot is at the center.. at C the bottom is near one of the edges of the page.. how eye is moving in them?

Eye moves like how I illustrated in under each one, at A it will draw a triangle. at B it will draw a circle, at C it will draw a square.

And I select B .. as You see the light focal point in my design is the green glass.

But why green? why not another color?
1.It is the original color.
2.The color combination I use had a specific way of building it through Renaissances, Baroque periods. It was processing by making the whole painting in sepia tone then to add colors to it .. so most paintings were a variation of the sepia tone family .. this type of color families is lighten up by green or blue, and it is going to depth by red!

See how raphael is lighting up his painting by his eyes which is kinda bluish

one thing I have to say, to be honest, I am not very smooth in my coloring, my coloring style is very angry and strong.. I don't mix much .. I like bold graphics, so no way to get from me something as smooth as those painters, I am not doing painting now too, I am doing graphics .. but I believe all art has a root, and we start from the point our great artists started at the history of art.

At D: What I like about this design is the fact that the face looks in a direction, while they eye is looking to something far or nearly going to look at the viewer .. in same time that the goldish object is driving You to the other part of the composition.. It is kinda making the 2 opposite directions of the art piece or what is known for the romanticism movement as the struggle between dark and light to create a melancholy point. which would be the green glasses at the golden object. And it is me again so don't worry about that.


A question to be asked why this photo that made by bodynsoul is pleasing to look at? besides the detailed lighting and muscles, look at textures, there are a lot of them and they are some good material to make a contrast with.

1. the fabric texture.
2, 3, 4,6. skin texture and note how it's high lights and how it's mid tones look alike.. how it look in dark, and how it look with a tatto. texture

and in structure too: muscles, and 7. vein.


textures i like:
1.the glass.
2.the gold.
3.the cigarette.
4.the smoke.

a lot of textures to attack the eye when it firstly is looking to the art piece, to don't give it a chance to breath!


then make 2 copies, and change one of them to the highest contrast You can get.. and another one try the threshold on it.. that to see a general idea of where the lights are and where shades are.. that helps very much as most photos I see have problems with light and shades.

And btw, no matter how good You are it is very hard to get the light and shades perfect from Your imagination, so try to get some help from that point.


ok the past 2 processes gave me an idea where is light and where is shade, now.. I want to warm the photo a bit to get the feeling of light candle as I told.. we want the viewer to feel as if - and only as if- the face is the light source of the light. color temperatures are now WARM .. and the warmer it gets the better it is for my philosophy.

done with chapter 2.
left is chapter 3 and the final chapter.


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Chapter 2.
I made a tutorial to teach my secrets and tips to make a photo realistic sl photo by the second life client, and a photo processing software like photoshop/gimp .. I call this " Hosho technique "

Find chapter 1 at

Credits, raytownfire, Rembrandt,, wikipedia

Comments do know you are amazing don't you...hmmmm?

View Trixibelle's home Trixibelle | 12 year(s) ago

Thank u Trix, I am trying mademoiselle belle .. I am just trying :D

View donhosho's home donhosho | 12 year(s) ago

wow love it

View kaditu's home kaditu | 12 year(s) ago

Thank u kaditu :)

View donhosho's home donhosho | 12 year(s) ago

Well again a great job ... well done :)

View Eves_Rodenberger's home Eves_Rodenberger | 12 year(s) ago

Thank Eves, glad it works

View donhosho's home donhosho | 12 year(s) ago

hei don, I have missed this tutorial.....its just amazing.....really awesome! thanks for sharing your techniques......koinup members should love you so much... :D

remember me to post this awesome piece on the koinup blog, in a few days....

View pier's home pier | 12 year(s) ago

hey pier, thank u for ur comment! i was also asking where is pier.. and yeah i am loved by a big part of the community. very kind of u guys :D

View donhosho's home donhosho | 12 year(s) ago

I'm here, man! soon I'll post about this tutorial on the blog....

don, stay very tuned because some koinup members are going to launch some great initiatives..........I can't reveal all details, yet.....

View pier's home pier | 12 year(s) ago

Ok i am staying very tuned lol ..

View donhosho's home donhosho | 12 year(s) ago

i jus got here, & im ever so glad i decided 2 take a look at ur work of art, u r a real inspiration & i hope soon i'll b able 2 showcase my work, hope it wouldn't b 2 much 2 ask u 2 take a look when i get started. thanks & ur amazing!!!

View topaz28's home topaz28 | 12 year(s) ago

You are welcome any time topaz! and i am glad to read ur beatiful nice comment about my work :)

View donhosho's home donhosho | 12 year(s) ago

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