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 Exercises to improve writing

Find a topic
If you don't feel like writing about your daily life, grab a book or magazine, close your eyes, and point your finger to any page. The word your finger is on will now become your source of inspiration. This kind of exercise is practiced in resume writing services and shows good results. Even if it's just the word "so". What does this remind you of In the sun or on Sundays? Anxiety or Summer? At the end of a story that you can use as a start? Unleash your creativity and just start writing. If you do this exercise regularly, you will learn to develop and direct your creativity. This is how really good stories are born.

If you prefer to jump to the text step by step, you can write a word in the middle of a piece of paper and start brainstorming. If you allow yourself to be distracted for a while, a lot of different things will probably come to your mind. When you're done brainstorming, you can start clustering. Do some of your thoughts and the words you write go well? Can you still come up with a story? Write them down together and choose a package that you then turn into a story.

Autobiographical self-reflection
This exercise is a form of self-healing that allows you to open your mind to creativity. In fact, it means nothing more than keeping a diary. If you follow the exercise that says you should write for ten minutes a day, you can combine it directly with thinking about yourself. Also by following the link perhaps find some inspiration for yourself.

By keeping a journal, you get to know yourself better. Your experiences and memories make you who you are as well as the writer you are. Are you avoiding certain topics or emotions? Is there a person in your memoirs that you see most often? Like Your Writing Style Keeping a journal is also a form of self-medication. Things may be handled that are not otherwise discussed, but which obviously bother you. If you are open to yourself, you can be open to yourself when you write, because writing always requires revealing a little of yourself.

Write without distraction
Make writing distraction-free in your regular writing practice. Otherwise, you risk interrupting the writing process and losing the thread. Often inspiration comes when you don't expect it. A room with a window or is especially suitable for calm reflection. Observe people, streets or nature. What do you think of them? Even one word on a street sign can give you a great idea for a little story. So make sure you're not disturbed by putting your mobile phone aside and turning off background noises, such as from a TV. Just focus on your thoughts.

Write only three words
To teach you how to find words, the following guidelines can help you: Think about a movie, TV show, or book, and try to describe the content in just three words. It doesn't matter what words (nouns, verbs, adjectives) you write. This is how you practice expressing your thoughts to the point. Thinking about the artistic content and the words themselves means you have more experience with them and can say what you mean faster.

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