We are sorry for the delay.
We have tried by any mean to contact Andromega Volare, the third judge of the contest. But he hasn't been yet available. So we have proceeded to pick up the winners with a new panel made up by Vint Falken, Raul Crimson and the Koinup Staff.

According to judges the winners of Windlight Contest are...  (community winner)

The winner will get the amazing prize: Liquid Void created by Liquid Heat. Liquid Void is an instant rezzable land, that you can rez in your sim.
It is priced over at SLExchange at 25000 L$ and it is the most valuable prize we ever had on Koinup Contests!

Beside the absolute winners, the judges have picked up a series of runnersup! 

The runners up will receive their own amazing consolation prize, made up by the artist (and judge) Raul Crimson. The prize is a series of poses created by Raul.

Absolute Winners are invited to claim their prize, by sendind a IM to Erin Burks.
Runnersup are invited to claim their prize, by sending a IM to Koinup Burt.




Some Koinup members suggested us to make a new Windlight Contest, but a with a new mandatory rule: No Postprocessing!
They asked, We made it! So here is the Windlight, No Postprocessing Contest

The contest is about the power of Second Life as a complete tool for taking awesome photos. You are invited to use Windlight, and all the other internal tools embedded in Second Life, that can help you to take awesome photos!
You can look here, for awesome tutorials and tips:

People are asked to send their submission as postcards.
In order to send postcards, they have to get their Koinup Upload Email (if you are a registered member, go here: and use this email address in world to send postcards, directly from Second Life.
Here you can find a complete tutorial.

Grab a Widget of the Contest and display it on your Blog!

Here are the latest entries.


  • Submission will start on August, 8 and will end on August, 29.
  • In order to take part in this contest, you must have an account on Koinup. Registration is free and takes only a few seconds.
  • Tag each entry with the tag
    You can easily add the tag windlightnoprocessingcontest while sending the postcards inworld. How? type the following in the subject box:
    tag: windlightnoprocessingcontest
    (Otherwise, you can always add the contest tag once it is already posted on Koinup)
  • Photographs already posted on the Koinup website at August, 8 are not acceptable.
  • Each participant can submit up to three photos.
  • Entries must remain on Koinup after the end of the contest.
  • Entering the contest implies the acceptance of these rules.


Contest Widget/Banner

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Koinup: Your <a href="">Virtual Life</a>



Winners will be announced 9th September.

There will be 4 winners: 3 Jury winners and 1 Community winner.

The 3 Jury winners will be picked by a panel of judges made up by:
Raul Crimson, Vint Falken and Andromega Volare.
The Community winner is the coolest work at the end of submission time.

Beside, the 4 winners, Judges will select also a pool of 4 runners-up!

Winners and Runners-up will be selected in a collegial way by the panel of judges. Each judge will express their preferences. Submissions with more than one preferences are runners-up, submissions with the higher number of preferences are the winners!

Judges will be asked to write a brief explanation of their choices. So that each one will know the reason behind the choices!

Winners will be announced on this page and on Koinup Blog


The prize for the 4 winners is sponsored by Liquid Heat

The prize is: Liquid Void!
You can find the product on selling here at SLExchange, for the very big amount of 25000 L$.

What is it Liquid Void? Liquid Void is the most valuable system to create and rez a whole sim with a few clicks!
It is an awesome solution if you own a land and/or if you want create or modify and exhisting sim in a few seconds! Right now, Liquid Void is claimed as one the best solution for land owners! Moreover, it is copy and modifiable. So, you can make  ajustements on your sim, anytime!
Here is a tutorial explaining how it works.

The 4 runners-up / honorable mentions will have their own prizes, made up by a set of poses created by the awesome and kind Raul Crimson.

Take a look at the latest entries!

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