Inworld Art Exhibition and Music Show

Don't Miss the Opening of the Windlight Contest Exhibition at the Rezzable Cannery Art Gallery! Save this Date: May, 20th , Starting at 11AM Sltime.
Follow this link and jump in the show!

You will find an art show with a selection (winners and honorable mentions) of pictures from the Windlight Contest.

The opening music show will be performed by Jax Streeter.
The event is made possible by the Rezzable Group.



According to the Windlight Contest Jury made up by Torley Linden, Pastrami Linden and Vint Falken The Windlight Contest winners are...

The three winners will receive the amazing prize of 20'000 L$ plus the special gift by Torley made up a pool of 10 windlight settings (exclusive for winners).
We ask the three winners to contact us at in order to arrange the consign of the prizes.

The three winning photos will be showcased at the Rezzable's Cannery Art Gallery from May, 20 to June, 20.

Beside the winning Photos, during the show, other 7 photos will be showcased. Here is the list of these other amazing photos, which deserve a place at the Cannery:

More, there are tons of entries that drive a lot of interest, discussion and debate between our judges; we collected them in this page.

Here otherwise there are the coolest entries, that is the most appreciated by the Koinup Community.

More updates about the Show at the Cannery are coming soon, stay tuned on our Blog!





We are glad to announce the 1st WindLight Photo Contest!

All Second Life Citizens are invited to take part in this contest and submit their "windlighted" photos! The Contest is brought to you by Koinup, Torley Linden, Pastrami Linden and Vint Falken.

After some months in beta and preview grids, WindLight has arrived at last in the main grid! Day cycles are now completely customizable. Clouds, colors and lighting are easy to edit and widely modifiable. You can enhance water with reflections and glitters! Landscapes can be made realistic or otherwise turned out in something unique!

Read carefully the rules and submit your Photos! Learn how to win 20,000 L$ and the other amazing prices, by submitting your Photos!

Theme is free. Focus on the potential of Windlight. We suggest you to pay attention to these main aspects: Realism, Surrealism, Wildcard.

You can submit your entries from April, 18 until May, 7.
The winners will be announced on May, 13 here and on the Koinup Blog.

Here are the latest entries.

Rules and Guidelines

  • In order to take part in this contest, you must have an account on Koinup. Registration is free and takes only a few seconds.
  • All the submissions in the contest must be tagged with this tag:
    (copy this tag and paste it in your entries)
  • Submissions can't be photos already hosted on Koinup. So please, publish new works!
  • Each participant can submit only two photos. But pay attention to this:
  • If you enter two submissions, use two different WindLight settings and shoot them in two different regions.
  • Some kind of postprocessing is allowed, but remember: the contest is about WindLight. Excessive post-editing with psp (and other photo-editor) won't be appreciated.
  • Photos have to remain on Koinup after the end of the contest. Obviously you are free to share them also on other websites!
  • Entering the contest implies the acceptance of these rules.

Here are the latest entries.
For more information about WindLight look here.


Winners and Prices

There will be 3 winners, and each one wins 20,000 L$.

Moreover, there will be another amazing gift: as soon as the WindLight's server-side controls will come to Second Life, there will be 10 WindLight settings in exclusive for the winners, created by Torley!!! So, Stay tuned guys!

Winners will be selected by our panel of judges!
The jury is made up by three well known guru of Second Life Art and Community:

  • Pastrami Linden, one of the original WindLight developers and currently Windlight Team Manager.
  • Torley Linden, The WindLight uber-fan and well known guru of Second Life Arts and Aesthetics.
  • Vint Falken, SL blogger, WindLight fanatic, well known Second Life Neko!

Winners will be announced on this page and on the Koinup blog.
Stay tuned with our blog for details about the consign of the prices and other announcements.


Inworld Exhibition

SLArt Rezzable Cannery
  The three winning photos and few other works that will obtain an honorable mention, will be featured inworld at Rezzable's Cannery Art Gallery.

The Show is made possible by Rezzable Productions.

SLArt Rezzable Cannery
During the Opening Party (May, 20th), the well known SL musician Jax Streeter will perform a live music show! More info, coming soon!

Take a look at the at the latest entries!
For more information about WindLight look here.
A guide by Torley, for high quality photos.


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