Twilight Gallery, Twilight Magazine, and Koinup are proud to announce the Lifestyles Photo Contest.
In a real world full of constrictions and constraints, both physical and mental, Second Life allows us an area to live out our dreams and show that side we always held secret.

In this diverse second reality, second life, there are so many different lifestyles. From the arts, to nightclubs, to anything possible. Try and show one or several lifestyles found in our universe in a creative photograph.

Winners will be placed in Twilight Gallery's opening on August 9th. Bound to be an amazing event with lots of the art community there as the Gallery will be on a brand new sim, with a whole new build.
The winners will also have an article written about them in the November 1st edition of Twilight Magazine.
The time delay on the Magazine is due to its delivery 4 times a year.

Visit Twilight Gallery
See Twilight Magazine's fist issue 
Twilight Magazine's website is

Submissions will start on July 8th and will finish on July 18th.

Winners will be announced July 24th.

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Here are the latest entries.


  • In order to take part in this contest, you must have an account on Koinup. Registration is free and takes only a few seconds.
  • The theme of the contest is "Lifestyles". You must present a distinguishable lifestyle that exists within Second life. The challenge is to do it in a creative way.
  • Photos can be taken in-world using any available means (such as Second Life photo studios) except RL photographic backgrounds.
  • Photos can also be post-processed using programs such as Photoshop.
  • Photos should be submitted to the contest by posting them on Koinup.
  • To submit a photo to the contest please insert the tag
  • Photos already posted on Koinup before July 7th cannot be submitted to the contest. Please submit new works.
  • The contest is restricted to Second Life residents and is a photography contest; artistic media other than photography are not allowed.
  • No brand logos or hidden advertisement. No sex, violence or offending contents. Black and white photographs are accepted.
  • Each participant can submit up to three photos.
  • Entering the contest implies the acceptance of these rules.

For more details feel free to contact Belmakor Pintens the owner of Twilight.


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Prizes and Winners

There will one one main absolute winner and other 6 runners-up/winners.

The main winner is the entry that got more preferences between the judges.
The 6 runners-up/winners are the other works picked by the panel of judges.
The main winner will have a complete article written about their photo in Twilight Magazine by Belmakor Pintens and their photos will be on display at Twilight Gallery in the main hall. He/She will also get to put on an exhibit of 20 photos at the Twilight Gallery opening on August 9th. This is an exhibit put up in your own hall where you can do whatever you want.
The 6 runners-up will be displayed in Twilight Magazine and also in the Twilight Gallery main hall.

The winners will be selected by the Twilight Magazine Jury staff. These include Belmakor Pintens, Ryker Beck, Looker Lumet, Andromega Volare, Nyla Rossini, Poppy Lacava, Milla Alexandre, Adia Clary, Willow Caldera, Therese Carfagno, and Blink Pinion.

The criteria the Jury will be using is:
Accuracy to the theme of Lifestyles.
Artistic elements used within the photograph (artistic rules such as Rule of Thirds etc.)
Emotions (the ability of the viewer to feel something because of the photograph)
Overall Impression (composition and feel)

Winning photos will be published on Koinup, and various Twilight areas (Twilight Blog, Twilight Website, Twilight Flickr accounts, Koinup blogs).
Winning photos will be on display at the Twilight Gallery for 4 weeks.

Winners will be announced on the Koinup blog and on the various Twilight areas on July 24th.

Take a look at the latest entries!


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